i saw preteens playing pokemon go today in the park

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i saw preteens playing pokemon go today in the park

Post by redpill on Thu Sep 01, 2016 10:02 pm

i grew up watching 80s cartoons

but by the time pokemon became big, i was already grown up so to speak.

i saw preteens and teens in a park all playing this

since pokemon was NOT part of my child hood, i don't know what it is, and i have no cherished memories with it.

i've read some basics about it, but seeing a pokemon creature doesn't have much feelings and emotions for me.

i wonder if i had a sad childhood compared to kids who grew up with pokemon lol

if i were a kid, ok and i was into pokemon, i could geek out with other kids my age at school, who also love pokemon, and we could all play pokemon go together.

i'm not aware of any controversies over pokemon, except perhaps ultrafundamentalists churches that might see pokemon monsters as demonic.


Some fundamentalist Christian groups have accused Pokémon as being linked to Satanism. The following is a summarized and possibly incomplete list of their reasons for this accusation:

   Pokémon are like demons. They are captured and must be called upon to perform tasks.
   Magical talismans (supposedly a reference to Gym Badges) are needed to control them.
   Pokémon evolve. Though this transformation is more akin to metamorphosis in most Pokémon, the theory of evolution is denied entirely by the most fundamentalist creationists, who believe that all things as they are presently were divinely inspired.
       Some Pokémon evolution even requires the use of certain magical stones.
   Many Pokémon have extraordinary paranormal powers, notably Psychic-types. Those with Psychic powers are labeled as having been given these powers by Satan in the Bible itself.
   Many Pokémon embody or practice East Asian spiritual or mystical concepts, being that the franchise originated in Japan. Some Christian groups denounce these as pagan rituals.
   Some claim that if one were to play backwards the Kanto Pokérap, "Gotta Catch 'em All!" can be heard as "I love you, Satan".

In response to these claims, the Vatican City-based Sat 2000 broadcast public approval of Pokémon in April 2000, stating that the games did not have "any harmful moral side effects" and was based on "ties of intense friendship".[3]

they said the same thing of rock music of led zeppelin and dungeons and dragons, back in the day.

japan seems to be better than most nations and cultures in producing things for kids from ninjas to teenage mutant ninja turtles to pokemon to anime to power rangers

anyhow the idea of young children using their smart phones to chase after pokemon at night in an open field sounds potentially risky

which seems kinda dangerous if you know about what happened to children like

Morgan Nick, a shy 6-year-old

Morgan Nick was abducted when she chased after fireflies at night. she's been missing ever since.

perhaps some kids are playing pokemon go and not paying attention when some predator snatches them. or they get hit by a car, atv or train. or fall of a cliff. i played dungeons and dragons as a kid, which for us was mostly indoor and sitting down so no predator concerns.

i'm probably too old to watch pokemon cartoons and then learn to play pokemon go.chances are though if i were a  kid now and could watch pokemon i probably would, since i saw a variety of 80s cartoons from he-man to gi joe to robotech voltron. also, only teens play that game so yeah. i still have star wars I love you I love you I love you I love you

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