back in the day i was a trekkie - a star trek voyager fan

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back in the day i was a trekkie - a star trek voyager fan

Post by redpill on Mon Sep 05, 2016 8:12 pm

i've not talked about it much but as a kid i saw star wars return of the jedi

which at the time seemed like the last star wars.

on tv was star trek. given the high standards set by star wars the original star trek looked to awful

it did introduce for me the trebbles

one creepy twlight zone like episode of star trek was the jack the ripper episode

basically a paranormal entity possess individual crew on the star trek, causing the possesed to kill and murder. eventually spock and kirk figure it out. the entity said he's many centuries old and possessed jack the ripper.

the idea that killers, serial killers, thrill killers can be possessed by paranormal entities, entities that are centuries old, and inhabitted by jumping body to body, killing came from star trek. an x-files before there were x-files. kinda like reincarnation.

the movie where they tried to get a whale was pretty fun

what is kirkoff's first law of metaphysics?
nothing unreal exists.

i and other trekkers discussed that. nothing unreal exists. if something is unreal, by definition, it does not exist.

how do you feel?

star trek the next generation was marginally better

but for me the pinacle of star trek was voyager

the idea of being lost in the delta quadrant and travelling meeting star systems on the other side of the galaxy certainly captured my imagination.

ultimately though what i like to see is martial arts and sword on sword combat

and mystical mumbo jumbo

both lacking in star trek.

but yeah star trek voyager i have recollections from an earlier time. voyager also coincided with the internet boom. i still used dial-in modems and windows 95 when voyager was my  I love you  I love you

the most popular game that time

how crazy would it be if in our generation we can play

-disclaimer i don't know anything about pokemon. i'm jealous though since the kids who play and love pokemon remind me of me when i was a kid. only we didn't have pokemon back then. we had


that's a lot of prime real estate there.

when i watch clips of voyager

brings back many old memeories Embarassed  Embarassed

i've not seen voyager except as reruns since late 90's so my memories are getting hazy.

there was some action adventure, the hirogen were hunters

and voyager crew fought species 8472

if i were to somehow win the lottery and had unlimited free time, i'd consider re-watching it.

for me part of the enjoyment of star trek in the 90's is that i knew a lot of engineering and science majors who also liked star trek, and at that time we could talk about the last episode. and apply it to the then current science technology and computers. i could discuss the borg with real trekkers and how the federation should respond, and then talk about like nanotechnology and string theory.

from the end of star wars return of the jedi, to star wars phantom menace, in that time gap, i filled it with star trek, with voyager as my favorite

this borg is still my  I love you

ah well time marches on

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