Dr Phil The JonBenét Ramsey Murder Brother Burke Breaks His 20 Year Silence

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Dr Phil The JonBenét Ramsey Murder Brother Burke Breaks His 20 Year Silence

Post by redpill on Mon Sep 12, 2016 10:32 pm

part 1

burke describes how media hounded his family and made it crazy.

phil asks burke about xmas
burke answers its a big deal

dr phil asks burke about party
two day before there was a big party tour that sort of thing

dr phil asks about xmas gifts
burke describes xmas bike and electric train gift.
burke got a n64 What a Face

jonbenet got a doll and doll house - the doll
jonbenet also got a brand new bike
id take the n64.

burke got nice gifts

fleet white and priscilla white home dinner
interviewed 18 times

came home ride home and jonbenet was asleep and john laid her on top of bed

last memory of jonbenet alive was in car coming home from whites

burke didn't remember jonbenet hair that long.

phil asks after went to bed. burke didn't remember hearing anything at all. not hearing anything.

burke said his bed is round corner from jonbenet

melanie stagnong heard shrieks of agony from jonbenet house.

phil and john, next morming reseveration for cruise heading out.

dr phil is shown interviewing john ramsey at times.
old videos of patsy and lou smit are also shown.

candance de long was on it. she is often on id channel deadly women and other shows as a profiler
mentions how it was written in the ramseys. takes 15 minutes to write it.

lawrence schiller -  said you bring a ransom note already written, don't write it in the house.

mention how all the people there destroyed a lot of potential evidence. like mr cruel and his crimes.

dr phil asks what he remembers that morning
burke ramsey bursts into his room saying omg omg omg they took jonbenet

show interview of him at age 9

then remembers police officer entering his room with flashlight.

dr phil asks what happened next
burke recalls patsy says where's my baby x2

dr phil says its seems odd patsy is screaming and burke just lays there seeming in middle of night bc its still dark

burke says he didn't know it was a police officer.

dr phil says that seems odd

burke say he felt safer there and wanted to avoid conflict.

burke said he was scared. dr phil said critics said he knew bc he killed jonbenet

dr phil asks burke says he does go downstairs
burke does go downstains, just remembers going downstairs.

dr phil says she was kidnapped
burke said jonbenet was missing

phil said detective asked burke where was jonbenet
burke said she was hiding somewhere did you check whole house

phil interviews john ramsey. not sure if it is new or recycled.

phil akss what happens and
burke replies parents said jonbenet is in heaven

burke said he cried then.
it was his dad who told him.

phil asks what he thinks and realize this gone way bad.
burke was wondering how was that possible?

more on episode 2 "tomorrow"

i didnt' realize there was a part 2 until after it was almost over they said part 2.

dr phill
will ask did patsy write the ransom onte
is that burke's voice on the 911 call.

to burke ramsey

my thoughts

everything that described here is familiar with aussies  familiar with mr cruel

i do think burke ramsey has a bill gates mannerism, and might be an asperger syndrome person.

after each crime, there was lots of officers and support trampling all over the crime scene, destroying trace evidence.
i suspect mr cruel was counting on that.  mr cruel did leave hand written messages and made ransom demands he did not collect.

lawrence schiller - mr cruel did NOT pre-write a ransom note and arrive at the crime scene with a completed ransom note. just like the jonbenet case. how interesting.

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