Investigation Discovery JonBenet An American Murder Mystery part 1

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Investigation Discovery JonBenet An American Murder Mystery part 1

Post by redpill on Tue Sep 13, 2016 10:28 pm

i'm watching and blogging

Investigation Discovery  JonBenet An American Murder Mystery part 1

intro starts with patsy's 911 call

shows video of young girls bedroom and mirror

they show john mark karr who still claims in 2016 he was with her when she died, and he is transgender. claims she died accidentally and that is not murder. yeah right

diane dimond is crime journalist

bob whitson retired boulder le, detective was there and headed to the home way back in dec 26 1996

he describes his experience thursday dec 26 1996

when he arrived there were 2 other detectives ardnt and patterson
there was no obvious break in. they turned their attention, all 3 detectives, to the ransom note

diane dimond then comments on the bizarre ransom note
summarizes its contents

movie ransom came out a couple weeks prior and it appeared bob whitson they were copying that movie.

they comment on how ramses are wealthy and privileged

judith phillips family friend, john was calm successful. patsy worked with computer company with her husband thats how they met. jonbenet sweet and funny.

they have actors doing a dramatization
with no jonbenet in sight actors portraying detectives and ramseys retrace their last event

judith comments xmas at r's home full event of fun

on dec 26 1996 on xmas morning they opened presents and they show home video, jonbenet obviously still alive waiving hand

judith said patsy has xmas tree in every room in the home.

around 4-4:30pm they leave their home for fleet and priscilla white home for social event

party lasted till 9:30pm at night

they were gone for about 5 hours.

plenty of time for an intruder to slip in, prepare, and write a ransom note from pad inside the house

this documentary has actors portraying burke patsy jonbenet and john so its a nice touch.
easy to see.

when they arrived burke went to bed on his own 2 feet. jonbenet was carried to her bedroom and tucked in her bed.

diane dimond narrates and lays out facts.

john sees burke fast asleep in his bed but jonbenet no where to be seen.

this is like out of x-files - twilight zone

they then show greg mccrary who introduces himself as a retired fbi profiler

patsy called 911 then called friends over for support with ransom note as their only clue

police detectives and john ramsey were all waiting for the 8-10am call in the morning

call never happened.

detective whitson heads back with all police officers leaving only linda arndt behind at the ramsey home

greg mcrary and narrator explains linda ardnt tells john to search house from top to bottom which in the basement cellar john finds jonbenet

this was a mistake. in retrospect the whole house should be sealed off and a forensics team sent in

crime scene video was made by le on dec 26, 1996
they show it as it goes through the house

jonbenet covered in white blanket next to pink barbie night gown, cord around her wrists and garrote around her neck

john rips off tape and carries her body upstairs
patsy was holding jonbenet dead body, in her sweater.

judith says she is in shock couldnt believe it.

no longer kidnapping ransom but murder

narrator gruesome clue piece of paintbrush was used to create a device called a garrotte

greg mccrary explains what a garrote is

dylan howard national inquirer intruder theory but
diane no signs of strugle no break so first suspects ramseys

narrator and greg mccrary comment on how police wanted to interview the ramseys separately and burke and ramseys denied this. greg mccrary says its necessary to compare statements and trustworthiness. clearly looks bad for r's

r's said only a child psychologist can interview burke which seems reasonable

they introduce michelle wood homicide investigator

she compalins that r's not cooperating sets off red flags.

they show jonbenet in red riding hood photo

greg mccrary said r's lawyered up, john and patsy each had their own lawyer. so for him that's suspicious.

diane dimond worked for hard copy and this was seen by media as a media goldmind like oj simpson

lots of media on the murder victim jonbenet who was in a child beauty pageant show lots of photos of her.

i agree with dylan howard child beauty pageants are a crazy idea. i had no idea such a thing even existed prior to jonbenet

you attract UNSUBS like mr cruel

patsy bio as a beauty queen.

discuss autopsy report but the most puzzling was pineapple. no body remembers jonbenet being served pineapple

table has spoon pineapple

mr cruel is known to hand feed his victims so maybe he handfed jonbenet pineapple

greg mccary comments ransom note and how placing it on staircase
and its length and amount is unsual

they introduce cina wong or what i call cina wrong, so investigative discovery didn't do their homework

they discuss bed wetting problems for jonbenet which is something they need to expalin

jonbenet pediatrician saw no evidence of sexual abuse but was seen as a motive

police believe patsy smacked jonbenet over bedwetting then everything else staged

they have a dramaziation of an actress being upset over bedwetting representing patsy anger over jonbenet bedwetting

michelle wood expressed belief patsy wore same clothing all night long, that she doesn't find it likely patsy would wear same clothing 2 days in a row.

i admit the pineapple with patsy kinda looks bad. detectives asked how the bowl pineapple got there and ptasy said she had no idea but she didn't put it there. her fingerprints are on that bowl so Shocked Shocked

its possible mr cruel wearing gloves took out a bowl pineapple and helped himself to it while rs were at white party. he saw them leave the home at 4pm, which is dark given its dec 25 then slipped in. then he wrote the ransom note. he had as much as 5 hours from 4pm to 9pm to write the ransom note, rehearse his actions, learn the layout of the home, and what he was going to do. when he took jonbenet he fed her some pineapple. patsy and burke fingerprints were there from an earlier time

detectives interview patsy over handwriting, then john ramsey. patsy said maybe said a woman wrote it.

michelle wood things r's are deceptive

r's dont crack though.

i wonder if that $100k reward is still valid. i love money. the r's seem poor now. or not as rich as they were.

part 1 of 3 part series is over.

next time: lou smit intruder theory discuss gary oliva and his shrine to jonbenet bill reynolds aka santa bill and john karr who is transgender.

my impression

they have no forensic experts presented in this program Suspect gary mccrary michelle wood cina wong et al are not forensic scientists. cina wong is a fraud. good overview of facts plus dramatization is nicely done. they use actors looks good. i played dungeons and dragons back in the day but seeing it with actors helps me easily imagine it much better.

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