JonBenet An American Murder Mystery part 2 and my Mr Cruel theory

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JonBenet An American Murder Mystery part 2 and my Mr Cruel theory

Post by redpill on Wed Sep 14, 2016 10:48 pm

Investigation Discovery JonBenet An American Murder Mystery part 2

im gonna first blog it as i watch it then write my impressions

diane dimond interrogation tapes bpd zeroed in on patsy. they believe she snapped that night and covered it up. murder weapon garrote with paint brush

n=older brother bruke was also in house
judith philips burke was apple of parents eyes the along comes little girl and she got pageant all antention he got was given to jonbenet, doesnt know if he was jealous but she would be. she saw emotional outbursts from burke comments on gulf club scar burke inflicted on jonbenet.

renactment burke going to jonbenet bedroom, possibly to kill her out of jealousy.

judith philips believes burke hit and killed jonbenet

michelle wood reviews burke, claims his body language changes, goes into fetal position. doesnt know if he was deceptive. she observes burke says not that i recall which is same phrase as patsy, so suspect he was coached. michelle does not believe burke is responsible.

bo dietl national enquirer private investigator, hired to follow Ramsey.

shows dramatization using actors of events that day, dec 26 with all friends arriving

bob whitson admits the main mistake he made wasn't sealing off the home as a crime scene, and asking everyone to leave. i agree.

gordon coombs points out that all of the guests there were introducing hair dna particles

patsy was in kitchen cleaning up.

bob whitson said it was xmas they were understaffed and were meeting with fbi, left linda behind
detective linda arndt no experience with kidnapping homicide

several guests point out le screwed up.

alex hunter brought in lou smit

lou smit observes broken window in house. window though too small. john ramsey admits he broke window

lou smits enters window himself disproves skeptics

smit observes suitcase under window with scuff marks.

where did suitcase come from?

both ramseys and housekeeper said blue suitcase was never housed in basement but there it was after jonbenet death

suitcase there in video dec 26, 1996. next to open basement window

lou discovers partial hi-tech footprint near where the body was discovered
no one in the house owned an adult sized hi-tech boot .

lou smit concludes the footprint must have come from someone outside the home

lou smit then autopsy 2 sets of abrasion, one on back and one her face

smit theory was hit with a stun gun

ramseys never owned a stun gun.

smit concluded intruder used stun gun with hi tech boots.

bob whitson lays out lou smits intruder theory

smit believes while rs were at whites home intruder slipped in undetected

intruder entered the home through broken window
then wrote the ransom note on r's notepad and pen
then laid and wait, hidden and undetected

when family returned home 9m they went to bed
after jonbenet was laid to bed intruder entered her bedroom
used stun gun
then carried her to the basement

to carry jonbenet out of the house
intruder orcheastrated a plot to put jonbenet in the blue suitcase found in the basement by the broken window
but when the suitcase wouldn't fit out the window

he changed his plans. he sexually assaulted her then hit her across the head

smit then believes he escaped the home through the broken window

gary mccrary comments on garrote on jonbenet
john sam augustin says garotte and sexual assault seems sexual deviancy

like a pedophile.

he believes patsy and john had nothing to do with murder of daughter. it was intruder.  he was brought on with lou smit.

smit believes jonbenet pageant is pedophile dream come true

there were blood spots in jonbenet underwear
they did dna testing on those blood spots and found dna

supports intruder theory

dan krane is a dna profiling expert. dna in her underwear blood shows mixture of her dna and unknown male

lou interviewed john ramsey and john gave out bill mcrayonds and offered him as a suspect, as santa claus

discussion of bill mcreyanolds as santa claus

i did not know this but jonbenet gave bill mcreyanols a personal tour of the home, showing bill the basement and her bedroom

jonbenet believed bill mcrayons was real santa.

as a bizarre side note in this bizare crime

bill mcrayonlds daughter and another little friend girl, had been kidnapped and molested 22 years ago, by sexual predator. 22 years before jonbenet to the date was murdered, dec 26, 1996. wife wrote a play about girl tortured and killed in her own basement

thats fucked up. now im wondering if bill mcreyands and a friend worked together to commit this crime.

bill mcrayons was a prime suspect and he was brought in for questioning

he said he was having dinner with family about 1 hour away, and slept that night.

bill had heart and lung surgery. so he was eliminated.
still got dna hair handwriting samples. despite coincidence they look elsewhere

in 2000 boulder police arrest a man. he had poem about jonbenet and had a stun gun in his back pack.

his name is gary oliva he is convicted child molestor in oregon. and attempted to strangle his own mother with telephone wire. paranoid schizophrenic

he was investigated as a suspect for jonbenet

he was homeless and lived in a church 10 houses down from ramsyes

this guy was creepy had a shrine and photos of jonbenet
he admits being obsessed with jonbenet

they took handwriting saliva dna, not a match

john kennedy is introduced as friend of michael helgoth and how one day his junkyard
there were police swarming over michael suicide

26 michael helgoth introduced as jonbenet killer. they had a car junkyard to fix cars

michael helgoth committed suicide via gunshot wound and gun

friend  named kennedy recounts how in november 1996 he and michael said he and a friend going to get $60k
and so he thinks michael was referring to the bonus $118k so offered michael helgoth as a suspect

helgoth liked to torture and kill cats and sexual assault of child. he had sex with girlfriend daughter under sheets. michael told him he wanted to crack a human skull.

police was not interested. lou smit was.

helgoth did own a pair of hi tech boots. they show pictures of his suicide scene. he owned a stun gun
same type used on jonbenet. kennedy is 100 percent sure helgoth and his unidentified partner killed jonbenet.

in the michael helgoth theory this was initially a kidnapping for ransom money. him and another person enter the residence. something goes wrong and they have to kill jonbenet

was michael helgoth murdered?

his dna didn't match. michael helgoth hi tech boot prints did not match one found next to jonbenet

lou smits resigns due to conflict between da office and bpd

for part 3

"daxis" said he had sex with jonbenet. daxis is john mark karr

dan crane doesn't think dna should exclude anyone including john karr. which seemingly goes against what aetv dna expert said.


the show has dramatization/renactment of the case using actors both of the r's in the home that day, and a hypothetical inturder. they show it up to the intruder entering through basement window, going through house then entering jonbenet bedroom, then describe what happened next.

my own mr cruel theory basically follows the lou smit intruder outline and sequence of events

mr cruel intention was sexual gratification. he had no intention of removing her from home. the suitcase under window either to help himself out or to stage the crime scene. he had no real intention of collecting a ransom note. he wrote it as a way to confuse investigators as to his true intention.

while rs were at whites home mr cruel slipped in undetected

mr cruel entered the home through broken window
then wrote the ransom note on r's notepad and pen
then laid and wait, hidden and undetected
he had baseball bat as contingency to use if he was discovered as he hid in basement

when family returned home 9m they went to bed
after jonbenet was laid to bed mr cruel entered her bedroom
used stun gun and ligature
then carried her to the basement with white blanket and pink nightgown
to sexuallly assault her then kill her there. wiped her body down

mr cruel brought in tape, wore gloves that shed light brown fibers,
brought it nylon parachute cord, wore hi-tech boots
he constructed garrote and nylon cord, he broke the paintbrush
he found in patsy's tray and carried missing piece with him
he first strangled jonbenet alive then finished her with flashlight

mr cruel probably staged to look like he exited from basement window via suitcase
as he left he left the ransom note on the staircase and left through door
he wiped down the flashlight then left behind the flashlight in the kitten
left the baseball bat by side of house
went into car and drove off to airport and flew back to Melbourne Australia
with several incriminating items from jonbenet home and scene.

all of evidence found at crime scene is completely and parsimoniously explained by the intruder theory based on mr cruel's known crimes What a Face What a Face What a Face What a Face

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