Jupiter's moon Europa geysers spotted, might have life

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Jupiter's moon Europa geysers spotted, might have life

Post by redpill on Mon Sep 26, 2016 9:29 pm

Nasa reported today in Hubble telescope that the Jupiter moon Europa has been seen with water geysers spouting from cracks and fissures. amazingly of all the objects in the solar system, Europa is estimated to have the most water of all, twice as much water as on earth. And some of that is definitely liquid water as evidence by the geysers seen and reported today.
https://www.theguardian.com/science/2016/sep/26/jupiter-europa-water-plumes-nasa wrote:
Scientists have found tantalizing evidence of a liquid water ocean swirling under the icy shell of Jupiter’s moon Europa, Nasa announced on Monday, with new evidence of water plumes bursting out into space.

With Jupiter as a bright light behind the moon, the scientists observed Europa in silhouette, and with ultraviolet light saw what appeared to be evidence of the plumes.

“If plumes exist, this is an exciting find,” lead researcher William Sparks said. “It means we may be able to explore that ocean, that ocean of Europa, and for organic chemicals,” he added. “It would allow us to search for signs of life without having to drill through miles of ice.”

there is a possibility of life on europa, swimming in the ocean water. hopefully i hope to live to see and learn about life on europa or mars, even if it is just microbial.

i did watch star trek back in the day and the idea of visiting other worlds like mars and venus and finding life on moon like europa i think would be pretty inspiriting. i hope to live to see that.

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