Rahim son of Shadadan vs Jesus "mythicists"

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Rahim son of Shadadan vs Jesus "mythicists" Empty Rahim son of Shadadan vs Jesus "mythicists"

Post by redpill on Sun Dec 23, 2018 12:11 am

Sun Dec 23, 2018

it may surprise hard core fundamentalist christians but many atheists have claimed jesus never existed.

they claim the NT and gospels are not evidence Jesus existed, nor the early christian movement, and since secular history is silent on jesus, minus tacitus and josephus,

Jesus never existed.

richard carrier, robert price earl doherty ga wells are the major proponents and many no name atheists also promote this

in the news

Written by a man who practiced magic who is called "Rahim son of Shadadan," the incantation"describes the seizure of a threatening creature [called] the 'devourer,'" wrote Madadh Richey and Dennis Pardee in the abstract of a presentation they gave recently at the Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting. That event took place in Denver between Nov 17 and 21. The blood of the devourer was used to treat someone who appears to have been suffering from the "fire" of the devourer[.]

ref https://www.livescience.com/64362-ancient-aramaic-incantation-describes-devourer.html

so did Rahim son of Shadadan exist?

is this ancient aramaic incantation found written unknown person speaking of a Rahim son of Shadadan

for which there is no other known surviving record, that attests he exists and practiced magic

evidence he existed?

what about Jesus?


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