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re reform jew rabbi essay on abortion rights vs christian evangelicals

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re reform jew rabbi essay on abortion rights vs christian evangelicals Empty re reform jew rabbi essay on abortion rights vs christian evangelicals

Post by redpill Wed Feb 17, 2021 1:38 pm

Wed Feb 17, 2021 1:08 pm

it snowed in today

i saw this article originally on yahoo,

Opinion: I'm a rabbi, and abortion is a religious right
Joshua R. S. Fixler
Feb. 10, 2021
Updated: Feb. 10, 2021 10:22 a.m.

Fixler is an associate rabbi at Congregation Emanu El in Houston, president of the Faith Leader’s Coalition of Greater Houston and a participant in National Council of Jewish Women’s Repro Shabbat initiative.

for copyright reasons i can't post it here but here's a link

reading his essay, this jew rabbi never not once mentions God, never talks about God's will, never mentions the Torah, never comments on the Torah and how it informs god's will.

i guy who is a rabbi and a jew does not talk about God, only how important abortion is for women.

he not once quotes a single verse of the Torah.

if abortion is a religious right, why no mention of the 10 commandments and thou shalt not kill?

and where in Torah does it say that thou shalt not kill can be violated in the case of an abortion when it becomes a religious right?

does god and the torah and the 10 commandments think we have a religious right to worship Baal and Molech and other gods and practice idolatry?

this rabbi of the jews lives as though god and the torah do not exist.

he talks about the religious right to an abortion, but never talks how god, who said on sinai to moses, supposedly, though shalt not kill, nor the importance of following god's commandments.

if moses or even god shows up and tells the congregation that women have no right to an abortion, what would he do? tell moses or god he's wrong?

what would these prochoice jews say if god shows up and says, i'm god, and no, women do not have a right to an abortion as i state in the torah, thou shalt not kill applies to abortion.

so...reform jews attend this reform synagogue to listen to him say abortion is a religious right, as he makes no mention of god, god's will, god's commandment, or the torah. he proudly boasts he is a member of the national council of reproductive rights and his synagogue is in the service of abortion rights for women

i'm a little unclear why you need to be a member of a reform synagogue to support abortion rights and pay high membership dues, as opposed to planned parenthood or other abortion rights organizations. if you want to spend money on abortion rights, isn't planned parenthood, the nations largest abortion provider a more sensible way than reform synagogue?

is the purpose of the jew to serve abortion rights or serve god?

while evangelical christians go to an evangelical church where they are told about god, how to have a personal relationship with jesus, and plenty of quotes from the bible, taken out of context to be sure, always reading from the bible, and what' god's will is and what god's commandments are. that god and a personal relationship with jesus and the teachings of christ in your life comes first. evangelical churches state their mission is to worship god and his son jesus christ. and their church is focused and centered on the gospel of jesus christ.


most evangelical christians i know are anti-abortion, AND support church by both money, time, personal sharing of faith, and actual weekly attendance and bible study. not sure what level of engagement prochoice jews have with their reform synagogue

i don't believe the jewish god exists, and i suspect this rabbi doesn't either, but even i quote from the torah - thou shalt not kill. something this rabbi never does.

i imagine if this rabbi did mention thou shalt not kill and the importance of jews to observe god's commandments and that this applies to abortion and abortion should be made illegal, his members will revolt and call for his dismissal.

on the other hand if a christian evangelical told his congregation that jesus values life and quotes john 3:16 for god so loved the world, including unborn fetuses, he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life, which means christian women who believe in jesus believes gods love the fetus which means no abortion, i imagine even christian born again women will say amen.

i'm prochoice, but based on my observation, my recommendation for any christian new religion like the marcionite church is to be anti-abortion, though marcion's own view on abortion is of course not simply stated. at best, anti-abortion for us, but not opposed to abortion rights laws, or just not mention abortion at all.
marcion of course didn't have any views on COVID or RNA vaccination

my understanding of what religion is about, is know who god is, read his scripture, and following god's will.

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