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it was a dark and stormy night - from finding bigfoot to $10 million bigfoot bounty to experdition bigfoot

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it was a dark and stormy night - from finding bigfoot to $10 million bigfoot bounty to experdition bigfoot Empty it was a dark and stormy night - from finding bigfoot to $10 million bigfoot bounty to experdition bigfoot

Post by redpill Thu Mar 25, 2021 2:17 pm

Thu Mar 25, 2021 1:59 pm

as i type this, the skies are grey, it's dark outside though it is early afternoon and is raining right now.


it was a dark and stormy night

when i was a kid i read in a book that bigfoot was seen by american indians as eating huckleberries, and this was in the 1970s.

as a kid i asked what are huckleberries?

i was told by adults that huckleberries are like blue berries.

i asked if there are any huckleberries or blue berries where i lived and the answer was no.

still, i wanted to feel like bigfoot.

so i ordered blue berry pies, i bought yogurt with blue berries, and even ate blue berry waffles and blue berry pancakes and blue berry muffins.

i still eat blue berries. all because i learned in the 1970s some american indians claim to witness bigfoot eating huckleberries.

over the years i watched animal planet finding bigfoot to spike tv $10 million bigfoot bounty

when i say watch, i have it in the background while i prepare food and eat then wash dishes, so i kill 2 birds at 1 time

now, i've been watching season 2 of expedition bigfoot

it originally started out in kentucky then moved to washington state.

in one episode the team members said, and again this was aired in March 2021,

bigfoot eats huckleberries. affraid

if you watch that episode, one of the guys said, bigfoot eats huckleberries.

wow, so something i learned as a kid in the 1970s, i see repeated in March 2021

bigfoot eats huckleberries.

so it must be true.

in the most recent episode, the doctor moira, sp? is a woman who is looking for bigfoot. she said she was inspired by jane goodall, and is a real life indiana jones, in searching for new critters there are pictures of her with harrison ford

she discovered the world's smallest monkey i heard.

amazingly they usually wear face covering when together so it was filmed in 2020

in the past samples of bigfoot hair and poop were submitted to a bryan sykes for dna analysis and all came up as known animals like bear and raccoons and even humans.

here, in the last episode week of March 25, 2021

she and a man find bigfoot prints, and she does what i wished she took soil samples from the bigfoot footprint for dna testing.

the footprint measured 15 inches which could come from a very tall human male, but also could come from bigfoot.

since hair samples all tested as bear samples, here she took dna samples from soil from a bigfoot footprint.

dr. meldrum also commented and interviewed. i've seen him in a lot of bigfoot shows like monsterquest.

he's a bigfoot professor at idaho state university.

i want to hear the results of the dna analysis.

this is what i thought was missing in finding bigfoot and other bigfoot shows.

pouring cast in a bigfoot track strikes me as a waste of time since there are literally thousands of casts which is not evidence of anything.

in the episode i saw, dr. moria took soil samples for environmental dna testing from bigfoot prints, the hope is that skin cells from bigfoot feet shed directly into the soil of the footprint and hopefully they can detect such dna.

if it works, they can have dna proof of bigfoot's existence.

i think future bigfoot shows should be like this, where a team spends 40 days or longer in a region like washington or oregon state, find a bigfoot print, and then remove the soil for dna testing.

i also mention that the show has all kinds of gadgets i've never seen. a gadget that the doctor woman holds to scan bigfoot prints, to another gadget that can scan and identify animals based on thermal signature in addition to drones and what not.

i've never seen these gadgets, plus they have nightvision goggles smart phones laptops

2021 could be the year that we have DNA proof of bigfoot's existence affraid

i think i'm going to make some blue berry muffins cat

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