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re A 7-Year-Old Was Accused of Rape. Is Arresting Him the Answer? my life

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re A 7-Year-Old Was Accused of Rape. Is Arresting Him the Answer? my life Empty re A 7-Year-Old Was Accused of Rape. Is Arresting Him the Answer? my life

Post by redpill Thu Jun 03, 2021 1:42 pm

Thu Jun 03, 2021 1:27 pm

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A 7-Year-Old Was Accused of Rape. Is Arresting Him the Answer?

Sarah Maslin Nir
Thu, June 3, 2021, 7:04 AM

At the forested edge of the Canadian border this spring, state police arrested a person from the hamlet of Brasher Falls, New York, population about 1,000. He was charged with rape.

well when i was in kindergarten at age 5, in a catholic school, a so-called "catholic christian" bully attacked me named jeff and i would certainly like him to get arrested.

when i was in junior high, not me, but i knew of a black boy named sam, who i would say was around 12, told me he did not like a white boy named dan. he said he thought dan looked funny.

outside of school, i heard sam attacked and beat sam so severely he almost killed him and put him in the hospital.

in junior high itself i personally witness a black girl named leslie attack a white boy named rick and beating him up.

i didn't intervene, in part, bc the black girl was pretty dangerous and violent opponent. this happened when the teacher stepped out.

i think they should also be arrested.

i have other opinions to, though i won't say what they are. though to be fair, the bully jeff who attacked me was a blue eyed blond psychopath catholic school, while the 2 bullies i mentioned were black africans.

it sort of made me feel better that i saw other boys getting beaten and attack, as i was beaten and attacked myself.

i left a roman catholic school with its christian bible based education for a public school and sure enough there was bullying and violent assaults, though the offenders were also young children.

i favor abortion bc i think of all the bullies aborted every second thanks to abortionists.

the black girl leslie attacked and beat up rick inside the classroom inside school.

but if hypothetically rick overpowers and beat up leslie, which again didn't happen, i'd be happy to tell the truth and and say that leslie was the aggressor.

also at that junior high which was public, i saw a white boy named eric and another white boy named scott get into a fight, and the teacher was momentarily distracted.

it happened right in front of me.

the teacher than saw the fight and broke it up

the teacher then set me aside and asked me who started it.

i kinda liked eric more than scott, but i tried to sort of get myself out of it by saying it happened so fast,

but in the end i told the truth and said eric started it.

eric got kicked out of that school. got sent to some kind of school for kids with behavior problems where as the 2 black kids were real violent psychopaths and still attended that school.

i started to think how nice it would be to send these bullies to the gas chambers, as i was learning about the holocaust at the time, from tv shows. i wish hitler gassed 6 million schoolyard bullies.

i sadly was a weak and not very athletic boy so i wasn't bullying anyone.

as far as this rape thing, when i was at age 5 in the catholic school, in one instance, a girl i named georgina who was also age 5, said i was her boyfriend, and what that meant, was she put her hands around my neck and squeezed, choking me. What a Face she said she liked me so this is what girlfriends do to their boyfriends.

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