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CDC warns of 'rapid,' 'troubling' rise of Delta variant and my third J&J vaccine today

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CDC warns of 'rapid,' 'troubling' rise of Delta variant and my third J&J vaccine today Empty CDC warns of 'rapid,' 'troubling' rise of Delta variant and my third J&J vaccine today

Post by redpill Thu Jul 08, 2021 10:07 pm

Thu Jul 08, 2021 9:57 pm

when I got the second Pfizer shot back in May, I felt really sick for about 2 days. I had a fever, chills, runny nose, loss of appetite, and lethargy. then i recovered.

So I debated whether to get a third shot.

My feeling in May 2021 was no way am I going to go through this again.

for the past several weeks i heard news of

CDC warns of 'rapid,' 'troubling' rise of Delta variant

My homepage is set to yahoo, and this is on the front page.

Apparently the Pfizer vaccine is less effective and that even fully vaccinated have died from Delta

Some Vaccinated People Are Dying of Covid-19. Here's Why ... › articles › some-vaccinated-people-...
7 days ago — The Delta variant of the coronavirus, which is dominant in the U.K., has ... Of those 50 deaths in fully vaccinated people in England, all were in ..

based on this, I decided to get a third COVID vaccine shot

I decided for the sake of my mother, to get a third COVID vaccine shot, and so today, I went to a different pharmacy that had
the J&J vaccine and I got it.

Considering how sick I felt after the second Pfizer shot i was apprehensive, but this Delta variant scares me.

I also consider the blood clot issue. though i learned the Pfizer and Moderna causes heart inflammation in young man, and i am one. pale pale

I live in a state where this Delta variant, according to the news, is surging.

also in the news,

Pfizer Announces It's Developing a COVID Vaccine Booster to Fight Against Delta Variant

The pharmaceutical company plans to move forward with clinical trials in August to fight against the variant which is the dominant strain in the United Kingdom and accounts for 51 percent of new U.S. cases

I plan to get that booster shot when it comes out.

right now i don't feel to sick, but i imagine when i wake up in the morning i will feel sick.


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