The Unsolved Murder of JonBenet Ramsey
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why was jonbet attacked on christmas?

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why was jonbet attacked on christmas? Empty why was jonbet attacked on christmas?

Post by redpill Wed Apr 16, 2014 10:27 am

tawny wrote:

Bringing this over from the IDI thread as I'd like to talk about it too!

I would be curious about Christmas Day home invasions myself.

Does anyone have or know of any stats regarding Christmas Day/Night home invasions, attacks, home break ins, and murders?


chlban wrote:

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I have always felt this was yet another piece of very strong circumstantial evidence of RDI.

If we believe in the Fariy Tale intruder then we must believe that, after entering the home without leaving a trace of having done so, said intruder was comfortable enough to stay in the house and compose the War and Peace of Ransom notes. This would have to indicate some assurance about habits and schedules of the residents. This might be possible if someone broke in on a regular weeknight. They could have potentially observed the family and learned their routines, comings, goings, bedtimes, etc.

Problem is, no ones routine on Christmas Day/Night is the same ad any other day. So how did the "Intruder" know when the Ramseys would be home? When they would go to bed? IF they would even come home?

Thing is a lot of people leave town over Christmas. How did the Intruder know that they wouldn't? How did intruder know they wouldn't have company? Many families do over the holidays. There could well have been extra kids bunking in with both JonBenet and Burke. It's certianly not uncommon that time of year.

Add to that, the fact that the Fairy Tale intruder's absence would be much more likely to be noted on Christmas. I have no idea what my Brother in Law is doing for dinner tonight, but if he didn't show up for Christmas dinner you can bet I would notice, as would the rest of the family.

It is just ludicrous to assume that an intruder would pick Christmas. Too many intagibles.

OTOH, Christmas can be very stressful within a family. Gone all day, kids tired and cranky, and no promise of sleeping in the next day because it's off again bright and early. Patsy is strung pretty tight in the best of times and then JonBenet wets the bed again. Or she discovers both her children doing something very disturbing.
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tawny wrote:
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I feel like, if we're considering IDI, it eliminates a complete stranger doing this, even if he "stalked" the R's for weeks. Yet they've cleared everyone in the R's circle and we certainly have to eliminate anyone who was at the party they attended.

Who would that leave? It makes no sense.

bettybaby00 bettybaby00 is online now Registered User wrote:
You've stated very concisely why an intruder--especially one with the intent to kidnap--wouldn't strike on christmas night. Doesn't make any sense. Especially if the argument incorporates the idea that the "intruder stayed and waited in the house for hours."

if you are " designed for IDIs seeking justice. "

you might want to create a new thread over at webseluth directing them to this

I believe home-invading serial pedophile and killer Mr. Cruel murdered Jonbenet Ramse

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