The Third Jonbenet Ramsey Mr. Cruel thought experiment - Jury verdict

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The Third Jonbenet Ramsey Mr. Cruel thought experiment - Jury verdict

Post by redpill on Sat Feb 25, 2017 1:05 am

this is a The Third Jonbenet Ramsey Mr. Cruel thought experiment - Jury verdict

my old padawan sd-won loved to crow about how if a jury could somehow examine RDI claims in the courtroom, or how the grand jury voted to indict Patsy and John they would get a convinction

this is my third Jonbenet Ramsey Mr. Cruel thought experiment

my first Jonbenet Ramsey Mr. Cruel thought experiment

I ask to imagine what if Mr Cruel was standing outside the Ramsey home, what forensic evidence would the investigation find? How does it compare with the evidence they actually did find?

in the second Jonbenet Ramsey Mr. Cruel thought experiment

i ask imagine that the same crime, same evidence, occurred, only it occurred

when - in this hypothetical thought experiment -


and her


would the evidence they actually find be evidence of the parents, or evidence Mr Cruel did it

The Third Jonbenet Ramsey Mr. Cruel thought experiment

imagine that RDI losers and trolls like forumsforjustice and websmear get their wish and present their case to the jury. all scientific evidence presented by qualified scientific experts trained

the standard is proving R's guilt beyond all reasonable doubt

the issue is does the scientific evidence show beyond all reasonable doubt the R's killed Jonbenet Ramsey, or an intruder who entered the home and targeted young girl

the jury consists of  friends and relatives of


this is  Cassidy Trevan, 15

and Brooke Jowett 24

both Cassidy Trevan and Brooke Jowett are 2 examples of natives born and raised in Melbourne, Victoria Australia. Both are too young to remember Mr Cruel's crime. But imagine Aussies like these 2 but born in 1960's and 1970's

the thought experiment is this

Do you think RDI evidence in favor of the parents or burke, and against intruder theory would be able to persuade a jury beyond all reasonable doubt, with this jury consistent of native  Aussie, who speak perfectly fluent english, who either were friends and relatives of victims of Mr Cruel, victims like Sharon Will, Nicola Lynas, Karmein Chan, Eloise Worledge, or Melbourne Aussies who ere born and went through this time period and intimately familiar with Mr Cruel and other Melbourne victims of a home intrusion pedophile?

The cord and ligature used to strangle Jonbenet is unsourced to the R's home. The tape on Jonbenet's mouth is unsourced to Jonbenet's home. The hi-tech book print is unsourced to R's home.

RDI claim there is no possibility that an intruder brought those items and left them there.
Yet this is exactly the evidence Mr Cruel investigation found in each of his female victim's home.

Do you think you can convince such a jury, a jury intimately familiar with Mr Cruel, a jury of Aussies from Melbourne from this time period, there is no possibility an intruder left that evidence at the crime scene, when that is the same evidence Mr Cruel left at the crime scene?

I already know the answer, as I discussed Jonbenet with a Mr Cruel expert who grew up in Melbourne Australia during Mr cruel's reign, and is also familiar with Melbourne crimes from Elosie Worledge to Sienaa Tapp to Pru Birdance.

He's a true crime fan of Mr Cruel, grew up in Melbourne Australia, never heard of Jonbenet Ramsey, doesn't even know where Colorado or Boulder is, never read the ransom note, when i presented him with sites and books on the topic, and the war between RDI vs IDI.
As an Aussie from Down Under, who never before I contacted him about Mr Cruel, had never heard of Jonbenet Ramsey, never heard anything about Jonbenet, or the ransom note, he'd be the ideal jury member. Unbiased.

He believes an intruder murdered Jonbenet
He definitely sees a lot of similarities between Mr Cruel's known crimes and what happened in Jonbenet Ramsey murder.

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