Orthodox Jewish Men Refuse to Sit Next to Women

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Orthodox Jewish Men Refuse to Sit Next to Women Empty Orthodox Jewish Men Refuse to Sit Next to Women

Post by redpill on Sat Jun 30, 2018 4:54 pm

i click on the news

An Israeli man who was aboard the Tel Aviv bound flight says the airplane took off 75 minutes later than scheduled; one man actually boarded with shut eyes and 'remained that way throughout the flight'

An El Al Israeli Airlines flight from New York to Tel Aviv was delayed last week by more than half an hour.

Such delays are not out of the ordinary, but the reason for this specific delay, according to an Israeli rapper who was aboard the flight, was the refusal of a group of ultra-Orthodox male passengers to sit next to women on the aircraft.

The rapper, Chen Rotem, who goes by the name Sagol 59 as an entertainer, penned a Facebook post in which he described one of the men as “particularly devout and ascetic.” The man, Rotem wrote, “boarded the plane with his eyes tightly shut, led by the hand by one of his colleagues, and remained that way throughout the flight.”


the central claim of Judaism is that God gave Moses the Torah on Sinai

this is one of the laws of Torah

In Leviticus 15:19 and 24, we are told: “If a woman has an emission, and her emission in her flesh is blood, she shall be seven days in her [menstrual] separation, and anyone who touches her shall be tamei [a bearer of tum’ah] until evening…And if any man lie with her at all and her [menstrual] separation will be upon him, he will be tamei for seven days….”

Next, Leviticus 18:19 warns: “Also you shall not approach a woman in the tum’ah of her [menstrual] separation, to uncover her nakedness.”

Finally, Leviticus 20:18 states: “And if a man lie with a menstruating woman and reveal her nakedness, and she revealed the fountain of her blood, both of them will be cut off from among their people.”

Jew fundamentalists believe that G-d, yahweh uttered these laws. not man.

i don't believe in god, i don't believe exodus is historical, i do not believe the torah was given to moses as moses probably never existed

i subscribe to the documentary hypothesis that the torah was written by men, and at least 4 sources. there are other theories, but i see the torah as written by man, not god

i suspect that possibly events like Sara Manitoski, 16

Orthodox Jewish Men Refuse to Sit Next to Women 19432012

who died of toxic shock has something to do with this.

ancient israel was mostly a desert, and i'm not sure how women back in those ancient days dealt with menstruation, without modern convenience and running water, but it probably didn't smell good. and of course there's blood bourne diseases like HIV. but it seems menstrauting women are singled out. i don't recall a man bleeding from an injury being called "unclean"
not sure what torah says about a woman bleeding from an injury or a cut say from cooking and cutting.

i read Leviticus and numbers and Deuteronomy books of the bible back in the day and i was as baffled as atheist marshall brain said, that instead of wisdom i saw a lot of weird laws

made me think perhaps the bible isn't the word of god.

i've long wondered how many christian (and jew) girls have actually read the bible, including the OT, including leviticus etc., and encountered these rules.

again the bible says god is the one who is saying a menstruation woman is unclean.

marcion was a second century christian who proposed a version of christianity in which the entire old testament was omitted. his bible that he had his christians read only consisted of Luke and 10 letters of paul.

the gnostics also held the god of the jews in low regard.

under marcionism, christian girls would only read luke and paul's 10 letters. so questions about how much god doesn't like menstruation, along with all the killing going on in the hebrew bible, wouldn't come up.

marcion also removed all references to the old testament, such as jesus fulfilling prophecy in his bible.

it'd also give atheists a much smaller target.

marcion was the first to actually state the new testament, in recorded history

today in 2018 people fear cults and for good reason, given heaven's gate and jim jones, but it's too bad marcionism can't

be started again, though anyone doing so is essentially creating a cult.

but i had thought wow, the god of jesus seems so different from teh god of the jews.

jesus says the god the father is god of love, but the god of the jews wants the canaanites amalkites midianites philistines destroyed for aborting for molech

perhaps i should start a new church in which the god of jesus is not the god of the jews, the god of christ is not the god of israel, and remove the entire old testament

back in the day i believed in the power of prayer, i no longer believe in prayer that prayer has any efficacy.

in actual history marcionism lost out to orthodox christianity. the god of marcion and the gnostics lost out to the god of jews who is now losing out to atheism.

ireland women voted for abortion rights against the wishes of catholic and evangelical prolifers 2 to 1.

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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