Holdontoyourhat statusquo and superdave and jameson

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 Holdontoyourhat statusquo and superdave and jameson Empty Holdontoyourhat statusquo and superdave and jameson

Post by redpill on Mon Oct 01, 2018 11:35 am

Mon Oct 01, 2018

when i first arrived on websleuth i was a young padawan, learning the ways of the Forensics

i met an obiwan in Holdontoyourhat on websleuth where i learned the ways of IDI like luke

i was banned first then he was banned

i met him on crimeshots as statusquo

i also met superdave there.

crimeshots is down and afaik Holdontoyourhat has disappeared

superdave is still active and on reddit he's furyofdragon

Holdontoyourhat theory is he took the ransom note as being truthful

the foreign faction alluded to in the ransom note he thinks are north koreans under kim jong il, who had died

he sent 3 north korean agents to abduct jonbenet to be bride of the korean leader. 3, since the ransom note said there are 2 gentlemen watching over your daughter, which including the author makes 3.

Holdontoyourhat admits that of the 7.5 billion people on the planet there's only one person who believes this theory, him.
i'm unclear how he arrived at these intruders as north koreans, as opposed to mexicans or arabs, for example.

but he advocated for intruder theory which i learned from.

as statusquo on crimeshots he saw my Mr Cruel theory from australia. Holdontoyourhat was already predisposed to believing in a foreign faction, in his case north korea. of course Mr Cruel has an actual track record of entering young girls homes with their family present, only this happened in Melbourne Australia.

i don't recall what Holdontoyourhat said or thought of my Mr Cruel theory. it's something i always wanted to ask him but he disappeared like a force ghost, like after vader struck him on the death star with his lightsaber

Holdontoyourhat believes kim jung il sent north korean agents from korea to boulder colorado. my mr cruel theory is mr cruel vacationed from melbourne australia to boulder colorado to ski, and there learned of jonbenet.

there are news reports of north korean agents in japan abducted japanese citizens for north korea, i'm not aware of any examples in the usa. there are crimes of Australians traveling to the usa to commit crimes, and there are plenty of australian nationals in the usa, for example late justine damond

i remember i explained to superdave who i downgraded to a youngling, the power of the daubert side of the forensics, which Holdontoyourhat said, very nice on crimeshots

the daubert side of the forensics is a pathway that leads to many intruder theories the rdi would consider to be unnatural. would it be possible to learn this power? not from an RDI

Holdontoyourhat was so active as an intruder theorists on websleuth

with Holdontoyourhat disappearance,

i am the last JIDI. it is time, for the JIDI to end.

superdave cynic trasha et al are still active in promoting rdi

superdave told me he was IDI and was with jameson, before turning to the fringe to rdi

he's more spin machine than man. twisted and evil

i was on websleuth and crimeshots and i never met jameson there. but superdave cynic tricia all talked about her. said she was a nut, that her real name is sue bonnet. on websleuth tricia griffth had a post saying we should mention sue bonnet in an effort to intimidate her. i figure i should return the favor by mentioning her in the context of actual forensic science.

either superdave or cynic told me that jameson was taking a shower and had a vision like final destination that jonbenet was killed by an intruder, so she's a nut.

apparently superdave and jameson have a history together

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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