Christians shouldn't listen to rock music & Allan Bloom Closing of the American Mind

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Christians shouldn't listen to rock music & Allan Bloom Closing of the American Mind

Post by redpill on Wed Nov 21, 2018 5:04 pm

Wed Nov 21, 2018

on the news

'I think they really do worship the devil': Texas pastor leads community in prayer ahead of heavy metal concert

before I was even born, Beattles John Lennon said he's bigger than Jesus, which prompted Christians to heavily protest him, his band, his records. John Lennon actually apologized though years later his wife Yoko Ono burned a bible in front of an audience.

What i have to say is someone who was a christian in the 70s and 80s might have been exposed to, not sure now

it is that Christians shouldn't listen to Rock Music.


bc it is the music of the devil. rock music seduces christians away from jesus christ towards a lifestyle of Satan.

consider the lifestyle of Led Zeppelin,

they party they do drugs and alcohol, they smoke, they enegage in promiscuous sex, having sex with hundreds if not thousands of groupies

is this Christian?

of course not. and not only that but their music and their status as rock stars has a very unChristian influence on young children

young girls, for example, born in the generation before me, in the 60's

grow up believing Led Zeppelin, the Beattles, and rock music is the greatest thing on earth, bigger than Jesus,

and then grow up accepting their values and lifestyle, and do drugs and all the bad things that entails.

So Christians shouldn't listen to rock music

if you watch Jesus Camp, the issue of rock music and Christian souls was raised, where one girl only listend to

Christian rock.

One girl liked to dance to Christian heavy metal

there was and is a person, John Ankerberg who had a series on rock music, and how many rock stars have sex with thousands of women, and that pure pleasure from cocaine is the whole of life.

John Ankerberg and other Christians

one book several Christian recommend i read was Allan Bloom's The Closing of the American Mind

and I went to Christian teen youth groups where there was a quote from Allan Bloom about how Rock Music is barbaric.

Bloom promotes classical music of Mozart, he thinks the Beattles is gutter trash.

One reason I took Allan Bloom was he taught at Ivy League colleges like Cornell and University Chicago, 2 schools I applied for.

now, i just learned that

Olivia Paregol  18

Olivia Paregol  18 a freshman at the University of Maryland, College Park, died Sunday  Nov 18, 2018 of complications from adenovirus

Olivia Paregol, an 18-year-old from Glenwood in Howard County, had been sick since early in the semester, when she first developed a cough. Her condition worsened and she contracted pneumonia. After leaving school, she was taken to the emergency room multiple times before she died at Johns Hopkins Hospital, said her father, Ian Paregol.


Ava Beck 8

Eight-year-old Pecatonica girl Ava Beck has passed away from her battle with cancer.

Beck was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer, this past summer. When her treatment wasn't working Ava went back home to be with her family in Pecatonica.

Her mother posted on Ava's Tribe's Facebook page saying Ava passed away peacefully Wednesday afternoon at her home, surrounded by her loved ones.  Nov 14, 2018

Ava Beck is an eight-year-old girl from Pecatonica, IL who found out in June of 2018 that she had a form of bone cancer called Osteosarcoma.

just 8 when bone cancer killed her.

one of my classmates died of childhood leukemia. i used to wonder if god was somehow invovled in this.

Jessie Melcolm 19

Florida authorities are investigating the mysterious death of a teen cheerleader who mysteriously died on last Tuesday after complaining of a sore throat and headache.  19-year-old Jessie Melcolm was found lying unresponsive her Tallahassee apartment last Tuesday afternoon, Nov 06, 2018 a day after she told her mother over the phone that she didn’t feel well.

all died. a couple of my classmates died to. though i was told they are in heaven with jesus christ, and that if i die, my salvation is an important issue.
when Led Zeppelin and Beattles die, will their souls go to heaven with Jesus or to Hell with Satan? What about their followers?

If saying no to rock music results in miracle based blessings from Jesus Christ, i'd consider it, but I think it really doesn't matter if one is religious or not.

as for  Allan Bloom Closing of the American Mind,

i prefer Skywalker over Shakespeare. and I don't think listening to rock music is a big deal though certainly the lifestyle of rockstars of drugs is a risk.

I agree with cultural conservatives that rock stars live lives of drugs and sex and partying, and that young impressionable children may take after this. for me the answer is to just listen to music, that's it, and not have children.

it's entirely possible your children may look up to rock stars as heroes and role models and therefore do sex orgies and drugs, as opposed to University of Chicago Great Books bound with conservative values.

abortion needs to be safe and legal.

if i could be a hugely successful rock star, i probably would be. i don't think i'd do drugs cause of the risks but good looking groupies sure.

but I'm not a rock star, and i know their lifestyle has risks. it's not attainable unless you're rich and famous.

reading Allan Bloom Closing of the American Mind I was under the impression that Harvard Yale Princeton admissions office prefer students who listen to classical music of Mozart over Beattles, and students who read Great Books of Shakespeare and Tolstoy over comic books which i prefer.

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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