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Forums For Justice Cherokee is a total forensic linguistics fraud

Post by redpill on Thu Jun 05, 2014 11:20 am

over at

there's a poster named cherokee who claims to be a "forensic linguists" even though she's never actually studied linguistics. she claims what she done is "linguistics" in her thread
Analysis of the Linguistics and Handwriting in the Ramsey Ransom Note (Multi-page thread 1 2 3)

she of course does not state her qualifications nor provide any review of the relevant literature.

the height of her total dishonesty and incompetence is her claim

Forensic linguistics could solve this crime (Multi-page thread 1 2)
cherokee wrote:

As soon as the ransom note was matched to Patsy's handwriting and linguistics, the Ramseys distanced themselves from it and have refused to talk about it since! The ransom note is the one verifiable link to JonBenet's killer, and the Ramseys want nothing to do with it! Why? The answer is obvious!

the ransom note's handwriting and linguistics has never been matched to Patsy by any reputable handwriting nor linguistics expert. not by Cherokee not by anyone who meets the Daubert standard.

among her many signs of total and complete incompetence is that she claims she's a forensic linguist but has never reviewed the literature

she writes
cherokee wrote:

Will you be contacting these people about the JBR case? If so, please let us know what happens.

Many years ago, there was a poster named "Twilight" at WebSleuths who was a brilliant linguist (with multiple degrees) from Canada. She did an analysis of the ransom note and concluded Patsy had written it. Twilight wrote an academic paper on it (under her real name) and gave a presentation on the paper at a conference in Canada. Of course, no one in the media cared, or reported on it, at the time. If I remember correctly, this was sometime around 2003. Twilight and I corresponded through WS for awhile, but I don't know if she is still posting anywhere now


a rudimentary review of the forensic linguistics literature would show

Forensic Linguistics: Advances in Forensic Stylistics [Hardcover]
by Gerald R. McMenamin

Gerald R. McMenamin is a linguist and teaches linguist and is a forensic linguist and is a member of the forensic linguist society.

this book has a chapter devoted to the question of whether Patsy is the author on forensic linguistic grounds.

Conclusion: Patsy has been eliminated as the author of the ransom note

Cherokee is totally incompetent and fraudulent. She has never studied linguistics, she deceivingly misrepresents herself as a forensic linguistics and misrepresents her research as forensic linguistics, and fraudulently and falsely misrepresents the claim handwriting and linguistics matches Jonbenet.

the fact not a single member of forumsforjustice or the sister forum websleuths has refused to call Cherokee on her shit, not koldkase or tricia or superdave, tells you the level of total incompetence the RDI has demonstrated.

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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