this solved crimes provides lessons in profilers, case linkage, trace evidence for jonbenet

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this solved crimes provides lessons in profilers, case linkage, trace evidence for jonbenet

Post by redpill on Wed Nov 05, 2014 10:43 pm

this solved crimes provides lessons in profilers, case linkage, trace evidence

it comes from TV series
crimes that shook britain s03e01

they consulted profilers much as was done in Jonbenet

a guy spent 14 months in prison due to the fact he profilers profile
profilers said patsy ramsey fit the profile

the detectives tried to get a confession much like from ramseys'

they considered behavioral case linkage since there was no DNA technology when these crimes occurred and the profilers rejected it. the profilers worked on 3 cases and said the profiles of each crime differs.

they found trace evidence much as in Jonbenet, in this case paint specks

DNA technology ultimate finds the profilers were wrong when it was developed a decade later much like in the Ramsey's.

murder investigation procedures have been revised. sadly RDI are still stuck in the 80s.

the guy who spent 14 months received monetary compensation but his reputation was ruined as the killer who got away
much like the Ramsey's.

detectives are often WRONG. many detectives and profilers were wrong who worked on this case. so the detectives who worked on JB like Steve Thomas and James Kolar

this case shows profilers had these problems
brent turvey wrote:

There have been fiction books, movies and television shows showing the fascinating world of the criminal profiler. The Red Dragon by Thomas Harris certainly grabs one's attention. The depictions in those various efforts are fiction, however, and we must always remember that. The real world of the criminal profiler is much less entertaining and more subject to real world scrutiny. There have been efforts to professionalize criminal profiling but little has come of it as yet. Turvey (1999) touts the organization he helped found in 1999 -- The Academy of Behavioral Profiling. Some of its goals include standardized training requirements and a code of conduct or set of ethical guidelines. Improper profiling can have the bad effects of:

   Delaying the apprehension of an offender by providing false leads.
   Delaying the apprehension of an offender by pointing to false suspects.
   Delaying the apprehension of an offender by excluding viable suspects.
   Harming the personal life of a citizen by an implication of guilt based solely on the characteristics of a profile. (Turvey 1999: 717-Cool

all were problems here

Rupert told me he's a huge fan of profling and john douglass cases that haunt us. um, scientific research into profiling has mostly debunked it. mostly.

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