James Renner and Amy Mihaljevic and Jonbenet linked same killer theory uniqueness

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James Renner and Amy Mihaljevic and Jonbenet linked same killer theory uniqueness

Post by redpill on Fri Mar 20, 2015 9:42 pm

one thing that could link Amy Mihaljevic and Jonbenet is the uniquness of their crime scenes.

AFAIK, Amy and Jonbenet are the only 2 victims

Amy Mihaljevic


where the killer dumped the body where it was hidden for some time, a farm field in amy, basement for jonbenet, but it was eventually found. the killer could have hidden the body or buried the body where it would never be found.

in both cases, the girls got head bash, were undressed, vaginal injury resulting in bleeding, wiped down, redressed

AFAIK only Amy AND Jonbenet for example,

Blood believed to be that of Mihaljevic was found in her underwear, indicating she may have been raped or sexually abused.[4]

Jonbenet also had her vagina injured, resulting in bleeding, and was wiped down. her body was hidden but like Amy was eventually found.

in neither case was semen found.

AFAIK these are the only 2 white females ages 6-10, from 70s-2010 to have this pattern of injuries when discovered upon death.

are there any other white females ages 6-10 in the US that has a similar pattern? if so, then name them. if not, then this unique pattern links them.

if as james renner said none of the suspects in amy's murder is tied to boulder in 1996, perhaps its time to consider new suspects. one who for whatever reason, possibly skiing vacation for example, who was in boulder and ohio

personally i believe both are victims of OCCK, if not Mr. Cruel.

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