FBI profiler is not scientific evidence case study Clairemont killer Cleophus Prince Jr.

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FBI profiler is not scientific evidence case study Clairemont killer Cleophus Prince Jr.

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Suspect I just learned about this today.

this unusual suspects


What FBI profilers think is only an opinion. it is not scientific evidence.

in the Clairmont killer their profile was a white male, loner, no job, difficulties with women. investigators started screening potential suspects based on this FBI profile.

based both on eye witness testimony and DNA, the killer was conclusively identified as Cleophus Prince Jr. a black male with a job, girlfriend, and liked to socialized and got along. this is his crimes

Cleophus Prince Jr. (born July 24, 1967 (age 48), aka "The Clairemont Killer") is an American serial killer who was convicted and sentenced to death in 1993[1] for the rape and murder of six women in San Diego County, California from January through September 1990. Before these crimes, Prince was court-martialed in 1989 due to larceny, and when he was convicted and served his sentence, it was recommended that he be discharged from the Navy. Multiple books have been written on Prince and his crimes.


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   2 Apprehension
       2.1 Arrest
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Cleophus Prince was court-martialed in October 1989 and convicted of larceny; after serving a brief sentence he was recommended for discharge from the Navy. Two months later, he moved into the Buena Vista Garden apartment complex,[2] which was close to the location of the first three murder victims. He lived at the Buena Vista complex until 2 May 1990.[3]

Before his arrest, police characterized the then-unknown serial killer as a 'disorganized opportunist' for the common patterns in the crimes. In each case, Prince entered the female victim's residence during daylight hours through an unlocked door or window, surprising them during or just after bathing, and stabbed them to death with knives taken from the kitchen.[4]

Police also theorized Prince may have stalked some of his victims, including Pamela Clark at a nearby Miramar fitness club,[5] near his former girlfriend's residence.[3]

In addition to the murders, Prince was convicted of multiple burglaries and attempted burglaries from April 1990 through February 1991.[6]

Murder Victims

   Tiffany Paige Schultz, died January 12, 1990 (aged 20), lived in an apartment complex adjacent to Buena Vista Gardens.[3] Schultz's boyfriend was initially arrested for her murder,[7] but was released three days later.[6][8]

   Janene Marie Weinhold, died February 16, 1990 (aged 21), also lived in an adjacent apartment complex.[3] Prince was tied to her murder through DNA testing.[6] Her parents donated money to purchase playground equipment at the South Clairemont Park and Recreation Center in her memory.[9][10]

   Holly Suzanne Tarr, died April 3, 1990 (aged 18), was visiting her brother and staying at his Buena Vista Gardens apartment.[3][11][12] Tarr's slaying led police to believe a serial killer was stabbing women.[13] A ring belonging to Tarr was given to Prince's girlfriend in December 1990.[6][14]

   Elissa Naomi Keller, died May 21, 1990 (aged 38), lived in the East San Diego apartment complex where Prince moved in May 1990.[3] A gold nugget ring belonging to Keller was traced to Prince.[6] Keller's mother and daughter did not suspect Prince.[15]

   Pamela Gail Clark, died September 13, 1990 (aged 42), lived in University City.[3] Two of Prince's roommates testified he had been in possession of Clark's wedding ring.[6]

   Amber Clark, died September 13, 1990 (aged 18), lived in University City with her mother Pamela.[3] At the time the bodies of the Clarks were discovered, Elisa Keller had not been identified as a victim of the same killer, but San Diego police characterized the case as the largest manhunt in the history of the force.[16]


A composite drawing of the killer was distributed in April 1990 based on an eyewitness description; a maintenance worker had seen the killer fleeing the apartment complex following Holly Tarr's death.[17][18] San Diego police initially focused their attention on an accused rapist in January 1991, citing similarities in the suspect's description, method and opportunity.[19]

Prince was caught in February 1991 after he tried to break into a Scripps Ranch house.[20] A woman, whom he had followed home from the Miramar Road health club, was getting ready to shower when she heard a noise at the front door. She ran from the house and sought help from a neighbor who came and confronted Prince. Prince claimed he was trying to find a female friend who had entered the woman's home[6] but eventually gave up and scuttled away. The eyewitnesses took down Prince's license plate number and identified Prince from photographs, and he was arrested on 4 February 1991 in the parking lot of a health club after police alerted health club workers to be on the lookout for Prince's automobile.[5][6] After his arrest, he agreed to provide blood and saliva samples, and the DNA results connected him to the murder of Janene Weinhold.[21] That murder connected him to the others by the pattern presented by the murders.[20][22]

Pamela Clark regularly exercised at the Miramar Road health club before noon, and a swimming pool attendance log placed Prince in the vicinity of Holly Tarr.[5] Prince struck when he knew his victims would be showering and thus be less attentive to their surroundings. He later bragged about the killings to a friend[21] and took to wearing the dead woman’s wedding ring on a chain around his neck. He gave another ring to his girlfriend as a Christmas present after taking it from Tarr.[12][21]

Prince was arrested on 3 March 1991 in Birmingham, Alabama, where he had returned to visit family following his discharge from the Navy. He had been arrested on an unrelated theft charge and had just been released on bail.[23] Birmingham police, East Precinct, Officer Steven Lampley, contacted Prince by phone and told him to come in to complete some documents from the prior arrest (Birmingham Police Department Arrest Report 910313853). When he returned to the station with his mother, he was taken into custody.[24] He was extradited to San Diego where the trial was held.

After viewing physical evidence, a judge ordered Prince to stand trial in March 1992. The defense argued unsuccessfully that Prince should be cleared of three murder charges from lack of evidence.[22] Prince was found guilty on 15 July 1993 on all six counts of first-degree murder and 21 other felony charges.[25] After later deliberations, the jury rendered a verdict of death.[26] and the judge handed down the death sentence on 5 November 1993.[1]

He is now on death row at San Quentin.[27] Prince appealed his sentence, claiming that extensive media coverage had created a presumption of guilt in the jury pool, but the Supreme Court of California denied his appeal in 2007.[6]


this case study is instructive for a variety of reasons. one, it shows how completely wrong the FBI profilers are and how it derailed the investigation. the fbi profile was wrong on every detail such as race, age, employment, and his overal character. the fbi profiler asked to look for a loner, white male, no job, possibly teenage, when in fact it was a black male twenty something job, girlfriend, social, normal.

two, the second victim they found semen Janene Marie Weinhold the other 5 women through case linkage. the victimology, MO and signature, the killing using a knife in a circlular pattern over right breast, was a match in all the cases. the victimology was all white females in their own homes, MO was him entering homes in some way, and the signature was the knife wounds.

third some of the evidence is similar to evidence in the Jonbenet crime.

in a couple of the murder victims they found a shoe print of a certain size that matched nike air jordans, in the soil outside the home. at the time the crime was unsolved, investigators theorize the intruder-killer wore nike air jordans based on the shoeprints being in the soil outside the victim apartment homes.

RDI could claim the nike airjordans could come from anyone. in the end, when Cleophus Prince Jr. was finally identified, they searched his home and found nike air jordans exactly match the shoe prints outside the apartment homes.

there was a hi-tech shoeprint unmatched to any Ramsey, including Burke, in the basement cellar close to Jonbenet' body that is likely the killer's.

the brother of Holly Suzanne Tarr said that her ring was missing. when they found Cleophus, they found Holly's ring in his girlfriend's possession as a gift to her. in Jonbenet at least one item, the missing middle piece of brush was never identified and may have been removed with the killer.

it's worth noting that a common claim is why did the intruder not bring the ransom note with him to the Ramsey home? if it was a kidnapping for ransom why leave the body? if it was pedophile assult why write a ransom note?

you can look at the crimes Cleophus Prince Jr. and ask, why did he kill the women the way he did, why did he puncture their breast in a circle stab pattern why did he continue to do so despite all the publicity? why why why? in the end, the answer is, he wanted to.

Jonbenet's killer wanted to leave the body in the house and wanted to leave a written message. doesn't matter if you understand this or not. it's what he wanted to do.

they notice in the crimes the blood fingerprint had a pattern to it. when they found Cloephus they found gloves that had the same pattern. with jonbenet they found brown cotton fibers that might have been due to gloves.

Cleophus Prince Jr. was solved with DNA. they had scores of suspects, the DNA did not match until finally they found one suspect the DNA did match. when it did match, then the other evidence from missing ring to nike air max shoes all came into place. apply same reasoning to Jonbenet, find the DNA- and then see if at least in 1996 he had hi-tech shoes, fibers of brown cotten, etc. cyclops cyclops

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