The Unsolved Murder of JonBenet Ramsey
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re What missing person/ murder case do you think is mostly just a bunch of red herrings

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re What missing person/ murder case do you think is mostly just a bunch of red herrings Empty re What missing person/ murder case do you think is mostly just a bunch of red herrings

Post by redpill Fri Jun 04, 2021 9:10 am

Fri Jun 04, 2021 9:04 am


What missing person/ murder case do you think is mostly just a bunch of red herrings and it actually much more straightforward than it appears?


The Ramseys did it.

I don't know who actually killed her and which one(s) were just part of the cover-up, but no one outside the family was involved.


The note is what confirms it. A third party has no reason to write a ransom note to try and make a murder look like a kidnapping.

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Thank you for your theory. I’ve thought it was an intruder and everything else (the note, the pineapple, Burke’s temper) a red herring. I love how we can take the same things and come up with 2 differing opinions. Cheers friend.


Yeah, I think one or both of the parents did it.

If there was an outside figure, it was one there with their full knowledge. They tried to cover it up and it got way out of hand.


Not the one who posted above, but a theory that I've always considered possibly valid is that her death was an accident that they covered up because they were afraid that (A) it would look like child abuse or (B) their 9yo son had somehow caused the death, and they didn't want to lose him, too. For example, Burke shoved her and she hit her head on something, or Patsy handled her roughly after a nighttime bedwetting accident, and somehow it inadvertently led to her death.

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Yeah i agree with what you said for B. that her brother did it and the parents covered it up. The panicked nature of their response kinda confirms this imo, they didn’t think through the fact that a ransom note makes literally no sense if the intent of some random outsider was to kill JonBenet, especially when her body was found IN the home, there is literally no logic in that since they wouldn’t pay a ransom for their kidnapped daughter when her dead body is downstairs. I just was wondering what the commenter above was thinking as far as why the parents themselves would actually do it and not just panic and cover it up, they had no reason to want her to die as far as anyone is concerned

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One theory is that Patsy was a controlling pageant mom that hit Jon Bennet too hard and accidentally killed her. Another theory is that John was sexually abusing her (JBs wetting the bed is often cited in this theory) and killed her accidentally during the course of abuse.

The original grand jury voted to incite both parents as accessories because of the theory that Burke with his anger issues and outbursts hit JB after she took pineapple off of his plate and accidentally killed her, and the parents helped cover it up to save their remaining child.

with all the cold cases solved by genetic dna familial genealogy and no mention of it by rdi

rdi ignorance on display

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