The Unsolved Murder of JonBenet Ramsey
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Mary Lacy exoneration letter - criminalistics vs anti-science lynch mob

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Mary Lacy exoneration letter - criminalistics vs anti-science lynch mob Empty Mary Lacy exoneration letter - criminalistics vs anti-science lynch mob

Post by redpill Fri Aug 28, 2015 6:12 pm

much has been said about the Mary Lacy exoneration letter. most of it is entirely anti-science nonsense.

I'll reprint this portion
mary lacy exoneration letter wrote:
I want to acknowledge my appreciation for the efforts of the Boulder Police Department, Bode Technology Group, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, and the Denver Police Department Forensic Laboratory for the great work and assistance they have contributed to this investigation.

each of these institutions employ highly trained AAFS certified forensic scientists who specialize in criminalistics. they trained to reconstruct crime scene reconstruction. they were consulted on this.

this is a lecture on it

based on the new tDNA report, in addition to previous exculpatory evidence as outline in the Carnes trial, they created a report that detailed their findings. while we do not have an actual copy of this report, we can infer its content. the Crime Labs report put together by criminalistics states
mary lacy letter wrote:
The unexplained third party DNA on the clothing of the victim is very significant and powerful evidence. It is very unlikely that there would be an innocent explanation for DNA found at three different locations on two separate items of clothing worn by the victim at the time of her murder. This is particularly true in this case because the matching DNA profiles were found on genetic material from inside the crotch of the victim’s underwear and near the waist on both sides of her long johns, and because concerted efforts that might identify a source, and perhaps an innocent explanation, were unsuccessful.

these professional forensic scientists in this official forensic report which Mary Lacy relied upon state
ibid wrote:

The Boulder District Attorney’s Office does not consider any member of the Ramsey family, including John, Patsy, or Burke Ramsey, as suspects in this case. We make this announcement now because we have recently obtained this new scientific evidence that adds significantly to the exculpatory value of the previous scientific evidence. We do so with full appreciation for the other evidence in this case

Mark Beckner has access to a copy of this forensics crime lab report and stated
Mark Beckner wrote:
Belongs to an intruder is another. Yes, you can often tell where DNA comes from. In this case, it is small enough that it is difficult to tell. CBI thought it was either sweat or saliva."

• "The suspect is the donator of that unknown DNA, and until you can prove otherwise, I think that's the way you've got to look at it."

No RDI has ever studied criminalistics. No RDi has ever even read the most rudimentary articles on crime scene reconstruction.

this is Brent Turvey

Mary Lacy exoneration letter - criminalistics vs anti-science lynch mob Brent_profile2

he is an example of an AAFS trained criminalistics.

here is his CV

Name: Brent E. Turvey, PhD
c v wrote:
Current Employer: Senior Partner, Forensic Solutions, LLC
Title: Forensic Scientist & Criminal Profiler
Duties: Casework, course instructor, & course development

Office:      (907) 747-5121
Cell:         (907) 738-5121



   PhD - Criminology
   Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia

   Master's of Science - Forensic Science
   University of New Haven, West Haven, Connecticut

   B.S. - Psychology
   Portland State University, Portland, Oregon

   B.S. - History
   Portland State University, Portland, Oregon

Professional Activities
Mr. Turvey has participated as a forensic scientist and /or criminal profiler in the investigative or trial phase for both law enforcement and attorney clients around the World. The greatest volume of his casework has focused on the examination and interpretation of physical and behavioral evidence (e.g., crime reconstruction) relating to the following:


       Fetish burglary
       Sexual assault/ rape (including potential or suspected false reports)
       Serial rape (M.O. & case linkage)
       Domestic homicide
       Staged crime scenes
       Robbery/ burglary homicide
       Sexual homicide
       Serial homicide (M.O. & case linkage)


       Legal actions involving any of the above types of criminal activity (e.g. - premises liability, wrongful death, accidental death, serial rape, etc...)
       Autoerotic death

Mr. Turvey has performed casework as a forensic scientist and /or criminal profiler for law enforcement and attorney clients all over the world. He consults with private individuals, attorneys and law enforcement agencies on an ongoing basis regarding both criminal and civil matters. His caseload includes rapes, serial rapes & homicides, sexual homicides, domestic homicides, and multiple homicides of a violent or aberrant nature.

As an adjunct to casework and research, Mr. Turvey has qualified in court as an expert in the areas of Forensic Science, Crime Reconstruction, Interpretation of Presumptive Blood Test Results (Luminol, Phenolphthalein and Ortho-tolidine), Crime Scene Analysis, Crime Scene investigation, Case Linkage/ Linkage Analysis (Motive and Signature Analysis), Criminal Profiling, Staged Crime Scenes, False Allegations, and Victimology. This has included civil and criminal cases, in State and Federal Court.

Mr. Turvey also participates in the following professional activities:

   Secretary, IAFC/ABP (
   Board Member & Founding Member, Forensic Section, IAFC/ABP
   Senior Editor, Journal of Behavioral Profiling

University Affiliations

   1999-2000: Adjunct Lecturer, Criminology Dept., Bond University

   2001-2010: Guest Lecturer, Criminology Dept., Bond University

   2010: Adjunct Teaching Fellow, Criminology Dept., Bond University

   2003 – Present: Adjunct Professor, Department of Sociology & Justice Studies, Oklahoma City University; Course Subjects: Criminal Investigation, Sex Crimes Investigation, Serial Homicide Investigation, Forensic Science, Crime Reconstruction, Miscarriages of Justice, Criminal Motivations, Forensic criminology, Forensic Victimology and Criminal Profiling.

Professional Lectures & Presentations
The following is a list of professional lectures and training given by Mr. Turvey to educational institutions and professional organizations:

   2nd Congress of the Sociedade Portuguesa de Psiquiatria e Psicologia da Justiça
   Instituto Superior da Maia (University of Maia), Porto, Portugal
   Lecture: Applied Behavioral Evidence Analysis

   Instituto Superior da Maia (University of Maia)
   Criminology Dept., Porto, Portugal
   Workshop: Crime Scene Analysis and Criminal Profiling

   Korea Creative Content Agency
   Seoul, Korea
   Lecture: Criminal Profiling & Crime Reconstruction

   Korean National Police University, Seoul, Korea
   2nd International Seminar: “Changes in policing environment and redefinition of the role of the police”
   Lecture: Criminal Profiling & Scientific Investigation
   (College Credit)

   09/15 – 09/16/12
   ABP/IAFC, 13th Annual Meeting
   Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma City, OK
   (College Credit)

   09/19 – 09/20/11
   ABP/IAFC & Seattle University
   Seattle, WA
   Workshop: Criminal Profiling Practicum
   (College Credit)

   09/17 – 09/18/11
   Academy of Behavioral Profiling, 12th Annual Meeting
   Seattle University, Seattle, WA
   Lectures: Forensic Science, Crime Reconstruction, & Criminal Profiling

   Evergreen State College
   Olympia, Washington
   Workshop: Crime Scene Analysis and Criminal Profiling
   (College Credit)

   04/08 – 04/09/11
   Elgin Community College/ ABP
   Elgin, Illinois
   Workshop: Crime Scene Analysis and Criminal Profiling
   (College Credit)

   Alaska Association of Fire & Arson Investigators
   Sitka, Alaska
   Lecture: Forensic Science, Crime Reconstruction, & Criminal Profiling

   10/18 – 10/19/10
   KSU Police Dept./ Cobb County
   Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA
   Workshop: Crime Scene Analysis and Reconstruction
   (P.O.S.T. Certified)

   08/09 – 08/10/10
   Owens College
   Toledo, OH
   Workshop: Criminal Profiling

   08/07 – 08/08/10
   Academy of Behavioral Profiling, 11th Annual Meeting
   Owens College, Toledo, OH
   Lecture: Behavioral Evidence Analysis
   Lecture: Serial Rape & Serial Homicide: Case Presentation
   Lecture: Linkage Analysis

   Crown Office and Prosecutorial Fiscal Service
   Glasgow, Scotland
   Lecture: Case Linkage: M.O. & Signature Analysis

   Scottish Police College, Tulliallan Castle
   Kincardine, Fife, Scotland
   Lecture: Case Linkage: M.O. & Signature Analysis

   Bemidji State University
   Bemidji, MN
   Keynote Speaker: 11th Annual Student Scholarship and Creative Achievement Conference

   08/10 – 08/11/09
   Grossmont College
   El Cajon, CA
   Workshop: Forensic Victimology Practicum (College credit)

   08/08 – 08/09/09
   Academy of Behavioral Profiling, 10th Annual Meeting
   Grossmont College (College credit)
   Lecture: Forensic Criminology
   Lecture: Behavioral Evidence & Criminal Profiling: An Introduction
   Lecture: The NAS Report: Implications for Forensic Examiners

   South Carolina Assoc. of Criminal Defense Lawyers
   Lecture: The NAS Report
   (CLE credit)

   08/11 – 08/12/08
   Kennesaw State University
   Kennesaw, GA
   Workshop: Criminal Profiling Evidence Practicum
   (POST Certified)

   08/09 – 08/10/08
   Academy of Behavioral Profiling, 9th Annual Meeting
   Lecture: Principles of Behavioral Evidence Analysis
   Lecture: Forensic Victimology
   Round-Table Discussion: Forensic Criminology
   (POST Certified)

   03/22 – 03/23/08
   Bond University
   Gold Coast, Australia
   Workshop: Behavioral Evidence Practicum

   Bond University
   Gold Coast, Australia
   Faculty Luncheon Lecture Series
   Lecture: Forensic Victimology

   California Attorneys For Criminal Justice
   Monterey, CA
   Presentation: Profiling and Behavioral Evidence

the CV is typical of the CV of a forensic criminalist employed by these institutions

Boulder Police Department, Bode Technology Group, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, and the Denver Police Department Forensic Laboratory

Tricia Griffith has never studied criminalistics. No member of forumsforjustice, not cynic, not koldkase, not cherokee, not angelwings, nor ukguy nor superdave no RDI member of topix or websleuth or crimeshot has ever studied the most rudimetnary aspects of science of crime scene reconstruction

No RDI, not Tricia Griffith, not cynic, not koldkase not brothermoon, no RDI has any CV that even remotely approaches the CV of an AAFS trained and qualified criminalist.

if you are familiar with the TV show CSI, the scientists who reconstruct the events based on forensic evidence are criminalists.

the conclusion of the criminalists is IDI. that the best explanation for the DNA + all other unsourced crime scene evidence is an INTRUDER. when listening to the harangue of RDI, it is clear they do not know what constitutes forensic evidence, what a crime scene is, what the word unsourced is, and how to apply the scientific principles of forensic criminalistics - to the crime.

they are anti-science. they are denialists. they are a lynch mob. they are ramsay-bashers and ramsey-haters. they have no respect for science and justice. they are fundamentally opining on a topic for which they have never studied.

these RDI fanatics have never studied any science pertaining to criminalistics yet they continue to waste their own time and yours with their Ramsay-bashing Ramsay-hating screed of hate.

justice requires respecting the opinions of scientists and forensic reports. forumsforjustice and RDI do no such thing. they are injustice.

the only scientifically supported theory as to what happened to Jonbenet that night of her murder, a theory that professional criminalists whose specialty is to engage in crime scene reconstruction, and create a crime lab forensics report, using science and using the term unsourced correctly is

an intruder murdered Jonbenet, not the family.

again, the Ramsey lynch mob aka RDI can choose to disregard the crime lab reports prepared by forensic criminialists who concluded IDI, which Mary Lacy Stan Garnett, Mark Beckner relied upon, but they should be simply ignored as pure ignorance.

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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