Who Killed Jane Doe #59 : The Case of Reet Jurvetson

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Who Killed Jane Doe #59 : The Case of Reet Jurvetson

Post by redpill on Tue Jan 03, 2017 11:02 pm

ive been looking to see if any new jane does have been identified ive been keeping tabs on about a dozen or so

i found this documentary on youtube i think cbs made it

Jane Doe #59 : The Case of Reet Jurvetson

was found dead, only a short time, her body still in good condition but stabbed over 157 times

she was only identified April 2016, some 47 years.

there are homicide detectives attempting to solve this case some 47 years later.

she was born in estonia, family immigrated to Toronto Canada. they want to identify "john"

It was announced in April 2016 that the body had been conclusively identified to belong to Jurvetson, a native to Toronto, Canada. She had departed from her home country to live in California. After she arrived, she wrote a postcard to her family that described her satisfaction with life in Los Angeles, which was the final contact they ever shared.[1] The letter had been mailed two weeks prior to her murder. The family did not report her missing, as they presumed she was "living her life" and that she was a "free spirit."[1][2]

After her identification, a person of interest was named in the case, besides the Manson family. Police theorized that a man with the name "John" or "Jean" that knew Jurvetson from Canada could have been involved in her murder.[2] Sketches of the individual were created by the Los Angeles Police Department from descriptions from a witness from Montreal, who knew Jurvetson prior to her departure to America. The victim had allegedly met him while in Canada and had traveled to California to meet with him after his previous departure from Montreal

they believe she was killed night before

im 99% certain it was a male but it's worth noting that skylar neese

was stabbed by her best friends rachel shoaf and sheila eddy, and they admit it was more than 150 times between the two of them.

they did it bc they thought it would be awesome fun.

they didn't find semen on this jane doe, so it is hard to imagine how you can link the killer to the victim without dna or fingerprint.

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