breakthrough in Bear Brook murders - father identified

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breakthrough in Bear Brook murders - father identified

Post by redpill on Tue Feb 14, 2017 1:41 am

after dana point jane doe i researched on all the most famous UID's from sumnter county john and jane doe to walker county jane doe

among the famous jane and john doe is Bear Brook murders

it has since been announced through DNA testing they found and identified the father of one of the girls

Robert "Bob" Evans, who is believed to be responsible for these murders, as well as several others, including the disappearance of his girlfriend in 1981

any Jane or John Doe can be solved if there is DNA, even from 1950's, and someone to match it to.

2017 developments

In January 2017, it was announced that Denise Beaudin, missing since 1981, was connected to the murders.[22] Beaudin disappeared from New Hampshire and was not reported missing until 2016. Beaudin's daughter, who disappeared alongside her with Beaudin's boyfriend, Robert Evans, resurfaced in California, prompting the report to be filed.[23][24] Despite the so-called link to the case, Beaudin has been excluded as a possible identity for the adult victim.[25]

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children announced that Robert Evans was identified as the father of the middle child, who was not related to the rest of the victims. They elaborated by explaining they believed they "had their offender," yet they had yet to idenitfy any of the victims or the middle child's mother.[26] Evans died in prison in 2010, having been serving a prison sentence for murdering and dismembering his wife, California chemist Eunsoon Jun, in 2002.[7]

interestingly enough he killed in California in 2002, and he is the suspect of this killing in Allenstown, New Hampshire

so he's travelled a lot

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