new photos of Eloise Worledge and Mr Cruel and JonBenet Ramsey

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new photos of Eloise Worledge and Mr Cruel and JonBenet Ramsey

Post by redpill on Fri May 12, 2017 1:26 am

recently Eloise Worledge  father Lindsay Worledge passed away Feb 2017.

It has been 41 years since Eloise was abducted Jan 12, 1976. Patsy is still alive.

Her mother is also named Patsy

the news articles posted some new never before seen photos of Eloise Worledge and info

these are the old pics

this is a new pic

looking at these photos, i feel like i am a time travel. i feel, as i look at these photos
my soul is somehow there, despite time and location. my spirit is somehow there.

we should get the sensing murder psychics

an news bit, including obituary for LIndsay father

The father of Eloise Worledge, the eight-year-old taken from her Beaumaris home in January 1976, has died with police no closer to knowing what happened to his daughter.

Former teacher and business adviser Lindsay Worledge died two weeks ago, 41 years after Eloise was taken from her bedroom in Scott Street, sparking one of Victoria's biggest investigations and searches.

Her body was never found and the case remains open.

The public concern that a little girl could be taken from her home became the moment that many families started to lock their doors.

The flywire in her bedroom window had been cut, but police scientific experts checked the scene and concluded it had probably been cut from the inside.

The wind-out window had been opened to its maximum 38 centimetres.

Investigators concluded: "On balance, based on all the information on-hand, it appeared more likely that the person or persons responsible for Eloise Worledge's disappearance had affected their entry and exit through a point other than her bedroom window."

Lindsay was treated as a suspect, not because there was any evidence pointing at him, but because there were no obvious alternatives.

After his marriage to Eloise's mother, Patsy, ended in divorce he remarried and tried to live quietly but his name was always linked to his daughter's case, both as a grieving parent and a possible suspect.

In 2003 he told me, "I am amazed at the reaction, even now."

Eight-year-old Eloise Worledge went missing in January 12, 1976.

In 2002 he took a police lie detector test, "The results were inconclusive. It did not produce a result which would satisfy police curiosity."

Because forensic evidence indicated Eloise was not taken through the open bedroom window, both parents were investigated.

"We were tangible. There was little else," he said.

"[The speculation] was hardly pleasant. It was not of my making."

He said he had his own thoughts on what happened that night, but they "are an interpretation of nothing. They are just theories".

A police review of the case found, "At the conclusion of investigations into Lindsay Worledge, no evidence in regards to his involvement has been uncovered."

The ultimate head of the initial investigation agreed. Detective Superintendent Warnock believed he was unfairly judged.

"Mr Worledge, I think, has been seen in a bad light," he said nine months after the abduction

"A lot of people think he has acted callously.

"He's not the kind of person who wears his heart on his sleeve. Deep down, he cares about his children and he is very distressed about this whole business.

A death notice said Mr Worledge would be remembered as "a brilliant teacher, a lively companion and for his indomitable courage".


a recent photo of the actual street in front of Eloise home taken very recently

Scott Street in Beaumaris is about 500m from the beach.

Beaumaris is in Melbourne Australia

this is actual crime scene and bedroom of Eloise with window

The flywire in Eloise's bedroom had been cut and the window wound out as far as it could go.

They don't think Eloise was taken that way but what if they are wrong? What if Eloise was taken through the window?

LE thinks Eloise was taken from her bed, but then offender left with Eloise out of the door.

My expanded version of the Mr Cruel theory is that in addition to the 4 known cases

he abducted Eloise Worledge in Jan 12, 1976

from her bed, from her bedroom while parents were asleep

then in 20 years into the future, he would be in Boulder, Co USA in Dec 25, 1996

from her bed, from her bedroom while parents were asleep

my theory is what eye witness described in Jan 1976 outside Eloise home
wiki wrote:
A dark green car speeding down Scott Street at 2 a.m. was reported by a neighbour. Another neighbour reported seeing a green Holden station wagon she did not recognize parked near the Worledges' house. Around midnight, Ann Same, another neighbour, reported having seen a young man walking down the fenceline of the Worledge home, making her feel so uneasy that she crossed the street in avoidance. Around the same time, Molly Salts, a neighbour from further down the street, saw a young man jump the fence into the Worledge property after running in front of her car and across the street. At 2 a.m., Daphne Owen-Smith heard a child's cry and a car door slam; Ann Same reported also hearing this at the same time.

the young men observed by Anne Same and a neighbor was a teenage Mr. Cruel. It fits both his victim type of a young white girl, abduction from bed, and leaving in a car.

If my theory is correct than Eloise Worledge in Jan 12, 1976 shares the same fate as Jonbenet Ramsey in Dec 26, 1996 from the same perp, Mr. Cruel

if I'm right, let that sink in. Mr Cruel is responsible for Eloise Worledge to Jill, Sharon Wills, Nicola Lynas,and Karmein Chan, to Jonbenet Ramsey in 1996.

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Re: new photos of Eloise Worledge and Mr Cruel and JonBenet Ramsey

Post by redpill on Sat May 19, 2018 11:54 am

has it already been a year since i last posted this?

time flies!

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