Final Destination (2000) Premonition and the real world

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Final Destination (2000) Premonition and the real world

Post by redpill on Fri May 12, 2017 7:14 pm

this is Final Destination Premonition  after

not too long ago flight 370 disappeared.

and Germanwings Flight 9525  copilot was suicidal and crashed his plane directly into a mountain.

these are all victims on that flight

other famous premonitions include titanic and 911 and the Aberfan disaster

this girl 10 year old girl Eryl Mai Jones.

she told her mom of a premonition that her school would be completely blacken in a dream
and sure enough she went to school and a coal mine sludge slid into the school killing 160+ children and teachers. she died to.

so yeah if someone on an airplane claims he or she has seen a premonition of disaster, or hopefully if i have a premonition

i'm gonna listen cyclops

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