20/20 documentary on cult leader Victor Barnard

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20/20 documentary on cult leader Victor Barnard

Post by redpill on Thu Jun 29, 2017 9:52 pm

i have at times wondered about starting a new religion, a new cult, in which i would be the "cult"

well, this documentary on 20/20 sort of made me cognizant of what is actually involved in cult life

20/20 documentary on cult leader Victor Barnard


i've never heard of this nor imagine such a thing like this existed, but since it aired on 20/20 now I know.

Victor Barnard claimed to be Jesus, and his cult followers believed him.

one thing i've always wondered is how cult leaders find followers.

this documentary provides some ideas. apparently he was already known from his at-home cell type church.

i do not currently participate in any religion, so i would have no way of gaining cult followers.

i obviously don't see Victor as a man of god, and quite frankly i have grave doubts that a loving god exists.

since i don't really believe god exists, i don't see why my cult followers would either.

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