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Post by redpill on Sun Mar 18, 2018 5:38 pm

i just watched

A CRIME TO REMEMBER  S5 • E5 Beast with a Badge

A Crime to Remember
Published on Mar 18, 2018
A detective struggles to exonerate his friend, a black former cop, from rape allegations pinned on him by the LAPD's all-white brass. He'll navigate entrenched racism, lead a stake-out and employ the magic of Hollywood to ensnare the real predator.

this post contains spoilers to the episode

I've never heard of this crime series so i was at the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next

time and place

A CRIME TO REMEMBER  S5 • E5 Beast with a Badge Vlcsna86

couple doing this

A CRIME TO REMEMBER  S5 • E5 Beast with a Badge Vlcsna87


A CRIME TO REMEMBER  S5 • E5 Beast with a Badge Vlcsna88

a large tall black male claiming to be LAPD and flashing a badge knocks on these 2 lover birds making out, saying they are committing a moral violation and asks only the female to exit the vehicle

amazingly, she agrees and leaves vehicle to be with officer, who then overpowers and rapes her, saying she likes it.

A CRIME TO REMEMBER  S5 • E5 Beast with a Badge Vlcsna89

couple then go to the police to report this

several more couples are raped and report it to police, in each instance they report the same black male using same MO. always in lover lane but there are many throughout LA.

Finally a japanese couple came forward and a japanese woman said she could ID a man. in a lineup

A CRIME TO REMEMBER  S5 • E5 Beast with a Badge Vlcsna90

with possible promoting from LE identified Todd Roak a former LAPD who was fired.

the mostly white male police officers said Todd Roak was fired for the doing something really disgusting.

what Todd Roak was seen by other police officers after work was holding hands and kissing a white woman.

so this japanese woman identified Todd Roak as her attacker Todd Roak was promptly thrown in prison.

LAPD felt case was shut, though they didn't have DNA

after he was in prison several more rapes were reported, same MO.

One detective assigned to the case was a hispanic detective  Danny Galindo who was also featured in a sitcom involving detectives.

Detective Galino believed Todd Roak claim of innocence and there were more rapes. the other detectives felt they had the right person in prison. They said they think Todd Roak phoned his friends to continue raping women as a cover story.

But then a black woman was raped and a gun was pulled. She was so disgusted she vomited on the perp.

Detective Galino requested and was granted a stake out. initially no success. so he had a dozen officers, it was mostly male at the time, dress up as female wearing wigs.

Several several weeks parked in lovers lane there was no success.

Amazingly Detective Galino was with a real female officer when the perp arrived and used same MO. He and the female officer sprung out saying LAPD on the perp who tricked couples into thinking he was LAPD.

A chase ensued. Galino shot and injred the leg of the perp. The perp tried shooting and heard a click sound. The perp then punched Galino and ran off and maged to get into his car and drove off.

Galino thought this would be forever unsolved but again amazingly the perp went to another lover's lane and attempted to pull the same scam and rape, even though he had a bullet wound in his leg.

he was caught. his name was Willy fields, who worked in construction. he was never LAPD or officer and his badge was a toy badge, a fake.

he spent served only 11 learns , learned carpenty in sam quentin was hired immediately after release from prison, and then gainfully employed.

Todd Roak was broken man, stamped a criminal couldn't get job. lives on family farm and dies.

there was plenty of discussion of racism in the case, that Todd Roak was fired for dating a white woman and was in prison and remained in prison even as the rapes continued and the LAPD head thought they had the right guy behind bars.

Todd Roak and Willy Fields were both tall big black males, i suspect this is a case of all black men look the same for the eye witness. but one person said they don't look very similar.

before DNA there are probably a lot of black men in prison bc every black guys look all the same. i've always wondered about criminals in china looking all the same.

A CRIME TO REMEMBER is a good series from ID since they handpick some of the most engaging stories i've ever heard, though sadly all american.

they have good dramatization of crimes which i really enjoy.

i've actually seen every episode of every season of this show but it is very time consuming to write up on it.

i've not had the time to write up on A CRIME TO REMEMBER Leopold and Loeb, and a home invasion crime before that. definite relevance to JonBenet Ramsey

and the east area rapist #2-4 documentaries its not over

i also watch hbo chesire murders.

what this case does show along with A Perfect Suspect, is LE may have a suspect and not budge on that suspect and not investigate other suspects even if he's actually factually innocent.

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