supernatural Saturday Beth Peterson and Howard Storm near-death experience

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supernatural Saturday Beth Peterson and Howard Storm near-death experience   Empty supernatural Saturday Beth Peterson and Howard Storm near-death experience

Post by redpill on Sat Jun 02, 2018 10:29 am

Sat Jun 02, 2018

time for supernatural Saturday

i click on listverse

10 People Who Have Been Struck By Lightning Multiple Times

this is a category and topic i'd never imagine

there have been plenty struck by lightening once, which either kills them or injures them

but this list is those struck more than once.

on this list

3 Beth Peterson

supernatural Saturday Beth Peterson and Howard Storm near-death experience   Beth-p10

i'll underline what i think is important

Beth Peterson, who wrote a book about being struck by lightning called Life After Lightning, was hit the first time while working as an Army specialist stationed at Fort Benning in Georgia in July 1992.[9] She was walking outside when a storm came in. She was hit by lightning, not through ancillary contact but head-on. Beth also claims that she died and says she had a near-death experience after that first lightning strike, during which God gave her a choice of whether to return to Earth or to stay in Heaven. She was told that if she went back to Earth, she would be in pain, but she would have the opportunity to help a lot of people. Then, almost exactly a year later, while she was still living in Georgia and trying to get over the fear inflicted by the first incident, Peterson was struck a second time. While her emotional recovery has been difficult (she suffers from panic attacks brought on by storms now), her recovery has been physical as well. Beth had all ten of her toes amputated as a result of the lightning strikes and suffers from debilitating headaches as well.

i've never considered this topic, and i've never heard of this person or this event

supernatural Saturday Beth Peterson and Howard Storm near-death experience   Beth-a10

so entering the woods not only do you have to worry about murderers bears cougars bees viruses mosquitos getting lost slipping and falling exposure,'

you have to add lighting strikes

i find it concerning how common near-death experience frequently ends with a meeting with god or jesus.

i'm sure skeptics will say we live in western civilization with christianity as the dominate religion. in other regions and times, vikings with near-death experience say they met thor and odin, buddhists with near-death experience say they met buddha greeks near-death experience with zeus

in light of Ireland's recent landslide victory for abortion rights i wonder what Beth Peterson view on abortion is. She claims she died and actually met god, before medical staff brought her back. is she prepared to tell almighty god that she' supports a woman's right to an abortion of an unborn fetus in the uterus, and she supports abortionists taking a vacuum cleaner and sucking out fetus brains and livers and hearts from the uterus?

if god and jesus was really against abortion rights, as my prolife church taught, why doesn't god send a lightening strike to each and every irish woman who voted for prochoice change in constitution and every abortionist. each and every abortion rights activist and abortion, having been struck by a lethal dosage of lightening can then meet god and jesus in a near-death experience explaining to HIM, the big G how they support the killing of the fetus in the uterus, and their slogan get your rosaries out of my ovaries.

Beth Peterson

supernatural Saturday Beth Peterson and Howard Storm near-death experience   Beth-a11

i'd be totally paranoid of lightening if i were her. just reading what happened to her sends shivers of horror down my spine. i don't want to be struck by lightening either.

so if i, or you, get struck by lightening, like Beth Peterson, and you or i have a near-death experience where we are clinically dead for several minutes before being resusciated by medical staff, and we actually meet the big G and Jesus on the other side, what should i, or you, say or do in front of the big G?

how many prochoicers and abortionists are willing to tell jesus and god in their face they're wrong about abortion, abortion is a woman's right and get your rosaries out of my ovaries? hmm.

i'd be thinking these things are real?

i do support a woman's right to an abortion, despite what the church says that jesus is prolife, cause i don't believe in this anymore. i'm glad ireland legalized abortion.  but i also think and read about near-death experience. listverse has several near-death experience and a common feature is they report meeting god or jesus or angels on the other side.

 Howard Storm

supernatural Saturday Beth Peterson and Howard Storm near-death experience   Howard10

Once a self-described “double atheist” and “know-it all college professor,” Howard Storm was leading a three-week European art tour with his students when he retired to his hotel room in France on the last day of the trip. Without warning, he suddenly screamed and dropped to the floor, prompting his wife to call for help. At the hospital, the news was grim: Howard had a perforated stomach that required surgery, and if he didn’t get it soon, he would die. The wait for a doctor to arrive at the hospital was lengthy—so much so, that Howard turned to his wife at one point and said his final farewell to her, insisting that he was moments from death. That’s when he recalled finding himself standing next to his own body (which was still on the hospital bed) and feeling more alive than ever, with no more stomach pain. Soon after, he heard unfamiliar voices calling to him.“Come with us,” they said. “Hurry up, let’s go. We’ve been waiting for you.” After calling out to his wife and getting no response, he began to follow the voices, which led him out of the room and down a long, dark hallway. He followed them for so long, and became so increasingly terrified, that he told the voices he wasn’t going any further. Then they attacked him.“We had a big fight and the fight turned into them annihilating me, which they did slowly and with much relish,” he says. “Mostly they were biting and tearing at me. This went on for a long time. They did other things to humiliate and violate me which I don’t talk about.” Collapsed on the ground, Howard began reciting The Lord’s Prayer, after hearing a soft voice tell him to “Pray to God.” After saying a few other other prayers, he said that Jesus personally saved him from the demons, and sent him back to Earth, telling him to live his life differently. Storm’s book, My Descent Into Death, was published in 2000.

ref listverse

the story of Howard Storm was also featured on Unsolved Mysteries and several documentaries on  near-death experience

Howard Storm was an atheist, he had a heart attack and entered full cardiac arrest. he had a near-death experience and saw himself in hell, with the demons attacking him. even though he as an adult was an atheist, as a young boy his parents made him go to church so he started singing songs to jesus and said in the name of jesus and the demons left and he was in the light of god. he became a methodist minister.

abortion rights or eternal damnation hmmm

i support a woman's right to rip to pieces a fetus in her uterus and suck its brains out with a vacuum cleaner like shakespeare's lady macbeth and throw the aborted fetus away as trash down the toilet or give it up for medical experiments bc i think god is dead and in this godless universe, if there were no god, everything including abortion is permissible.

i've read atheist marshall brain whydoesntgodhealamputees and everything he says is logical and convincing. but i've not yet had a near-death experience.

some of us will have a near-death experience, the rest, final death experience

for me now is the time i am thinking what i should say if i meet the big G in a near-death experience should i have one. i call it hedging my bets

if i have a near-death experience and god and jesus shows me that he's damned every woman who has had an abortion and every woman who supports abortion rights and every abortionist to hell, i'd be like uh huh that could change my mind. No

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