Bruce Lee and the Karate Kid

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Bruce Lee and the Karate Kid

Post by redpill on Mon Jun 11, 2018 6:27 pm

Mon Jun 11, 2018

time for martial arts Monday

as a kid i turned on tv and i saw this guy

kick butt

i believed he had super human super powers. he, like Michael Jordan, was an actual superhuman.

i've head all the Bruce Lee stories of how quickly he can kick and punch, his one inch punch, which to this day appears to be unmatched

plus i grew up watching all the bruce lee movies

Michael Jordan was famous in his own right, but he also was famous for selling shoes. Air Jordans sneakers.

A lot of kids dream of being Michael Jordan and buy Air Jordan sneakers.

for me, watching Bruce Lee fight and listening to his wisdom, be like water, made me think, much as kids buying Air Jordan sneakers,
if i could learn from Bruce Lee, i could also acquire superhuman powers.

Bruce Lee's quick. he has super fast reflexes.

I thought Bruce Lee could dodge bullets like Neo in the Matrix.

at one point i tried nun chucks. it was a disaster for me, my ability to wield  a nunchuck is nothing like Bruce Lee.

it was for me a realization that simply memorizing lines from Bruce Lee doesn't confer super human Bruce Lee speed and quickness

a somewhat similar idea was presented in the Karate Kid

Mr Miyagi had secret wisdom from the Orient, Japan, and if you learn this secret wisdom, you can beat up bullies.  What a Face

for example, Bruce Lee's most famous statement is be like water,

“You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle.

the problem is applying this Bruce Lee wisdom in the real world. if you took me for example, and i memorized this line from Bruce Lee, and set me against say a bully football player  and fight. end result will be i will badly lose.

what went wrong?

I can quote Bruce Lee, i try to do what he says but if i get in a real fight i get my ass kicked.  pale

of course how many kids bought Air Jordan, and then play bball like Michael Jordan? Only 3 i can think of is possibly Kobe Bryant and Lebron James and Dwayne Wade

Bruce Lee's base martial art is wing chun. I've wondered how many students of Wing Chun can do what Bruce Lee can do?

learning about Allison Mack and NXIM i realized that a lot of very pretty women have somewhat similar ideas, specifically those who gave Keith Rainer NXIM both money AND sex. i'm impressed with that. a lot of pretty young women joined NXIM, including Allison Mack, to listen to Keith Rainer talk, and he convinced them to hand over lots of money AND sex. impressive. most impressive.

Basically i hoped I could learn secret Oriental wisdom from Bruce Lee and then acquire his extreme speed and quickness. i'm not black so Micahel Jordan and basketball is out of the question.

i saw all of Bruce Lee's movies and I also saw Bruce Lee as Kato, Green Hornet's side kick, in the original Batman tv show, back in the day when Saturday morning cartoons ran king.

as a kid of the 80s and of course all the debates, in the 80s it was Mike Tyson vs Bruce Lee

i've since learned of the Bruce lee "haters" claims Bruce Lee never actually fought someone (which the wikipedia bio contradicts)
that he was an actor and not a competition fighter (he did do competition boxing in high school, according to wkipedia)

but yes there was no MMA in Bruce Lee's day and a lot of his martial arts demonstrations were those of an actor.

Bruce Lee didn't do actual MMA fights like Connor McGregor but only because there was no MMA in his time. Bruce Lee's friends and family said Bruce Lee did engage both in boxing and fencing, and actual street fights.

I am amused that on quora there are lots of questions about Bruce Lee, and many of those who answered claim Bruce Lee never fought anyone, even saying what can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence, and therefore there is no evidence Bruce Lee actually fought anyone.

the issue I have with this is that Bruce Lee's friends in the documentary said they personally witness Bruce Lee fight so, and eye witness testimony is evidence.

from RDI to Jesus existence to Bruce Lee, i hear the "no evidence, there's no evidence" in the case of Bruce Lee, there are those who grew up with him who say they saw Bruce Lee fight, so how is that not evidence?

I suspect a lot of those quora on Bruce Lee are haters. While I am not personally an expert, many who have actual MMA training have said Bruce Lee's quickness, his reflexes would make Bruce Lee a top tier MMA UFC competitor. Bruce Lee's striking, his punches and kicks, are quick.

i hope to find time to re-watch all of Bruce Lee movies.

if Michael Jordan gives words of wisdom to someone like Kobe Bryant or Lebron James, those 2 could perhaps take those words and translate them to basketball excellence.

if Michael Jordan gave the same words to non basketball players i doubt we could do much.

similarly, Bruce Lee's statements sounds like wisdom. atheist Marshall Brain complains the bible doesn't have any wisdom, its words are totally nonsense. I agree with atheist Marshall Brain, as I have actually read the bible. But Bruce Lee statements sound good. but I am unable to take Bruce lee's quotes, and turn into a superhumanly fast puncher.

one of my fav movies is Matrix. After NEO downloads the combat training programs in martial arts, he then trains with Morpheus, who gives Neo words of wisdom "do you think that's air you're breathing?"

I think it's very hard for anyone born in the 90s and after, but as a kid of the 80s, there was a huge martial arts craze. i think Bruce Lee inspired it, much as Michael Jordan inspired the basketball craze in sneakers.

martial artists not only could defend themselves from bad guys, but had secret wisdom and super powers. this was shown a lot with storm shadow, aka cobra ninja

today in 2018 Marvel Comics most popular super heroes include Captain America, a blonde white male, Thor, another Blonde white male, and Iron Man, a white male. Spiderman, also a white male

when i was a kid, there were several blonde white male GI Joe figures including the leader Duke. in Dungeons and Dragons cartoon the leader Ranger was a blonde white male.

but in my circle the most popular character was storm shadow, a Japanese ninja

watching Splinter of the Teenage mutant ninja turtles telling the turtles ninja is not of the body but of the mind, i kinda wish i could be a martial arts guru dispensing super wisdom

Allison Mack listens at the feet of Keith Rainer and she and scores and scores of women were enchanted with this sclep, which is kinda what I wish i could do

I enjoy watching Bruce Lee perform but I now know that learning his wisdom won't result in me throwing kicks and punches as super human speed and reflexes

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Re: Bruce Lee and the Karate Kid

Post by MurderMysteryReader on Mon Jun 11, 2018 10:44 pm

I never watched Bruce Lee movies but did watch The Karate Kid with Ralph Machio. I liked the Mr. Miyagi character and thought a lot of what he said could be applied to life. When Karate kid first came out a lot of kids signed up for Martial Arts classes, but we're told by the instructors that the movie didn't have real karate in it. I thought they could have made it better if Ralph Machio had learned Karate to be more authentic even though fight scenes are choreographed. Jackie Chan did his own stunts, Chuck Norris really is a Martial Artist in some form of Martial Arts and I liked watching him in Walker Texas Ranger. I also watched Sammo Hung in Martial Law. He choreographed Jackie Chans fight scenes in his movies. Chuck Norris as Walker could kick butt and so could Sammo Hung in Martial Law. Drew Barrymore commented how they forced her legs apart so she could do some of the kicks in the Charlie Angels movie. The Martial Arts fascinates me and I have always wanted to take a class just to see how good I could get at it or how far I could go with it. I like the philosophy behind it and thinks it empowers those who take it;especially women. I think that it would cut down on bullying because it would give the student confidence and a vibe that others could pick up on; causing those students that would bully said student or students with Martial Arts skills to think twice. They would be wise to do so even if the student trained in Martial Arts never used it unless there was no other choice or in self defense. Daniel trained with Mr. Miyagi so he wouldn't have to fight. Competitions don't count as fighting. Taking Martial arts is a great way to stay in shape.


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Re: Bruce Lee and the Karate Kid

Post by redpill on Tue Jun 12, 2018 5:15 pm

this is a good intro to what you missing out on

i really wish prime bruce lee could fight in mma but ah well

yep, wax on wax off.

i got an interest in bonsai trees from Mr. Miyagi

I signed up for martial arts classes myself Wink

if i were Kim jung un radiator of korea i'd force all children to study martial arts fitness and dance during school hours. what i wouldn't have them study is team sports, in school hours.

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Re: Bruce Lee and the Karate Kid

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