my first time i played a game console was the Atari 2600, also so intellivision and coleco vision

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my first time i played a game console was the Atari 2600, also so intellivision and coleco vision

Post by redpill on Sat Jul 07, 2018 3:36 pm

Sat Jul 07, 2018

sometime in the early 80s when Reagan was President, i visited my neighbor's home across a street, he was a boy himself.

he was relatively "rich", and by that he had an atari 2600 and a VCR. things i've never seen nor suspected existed.

originally he was the only one i knew who had a game console and he allowed me to play but only like maybe 15 minutes.

his parents bought it, but it seemed he was kinda meh on it after some time.

the very first time in my life i saw a game console was the atari 2600.

i only played the games he had on him, and he had and i played

space invader

pac man




my fav game was boxing

this was the street fighter before street fighter

what i liked is it was the only game on the atari 2600 he owned you could play against another person. it was glorious

little did i know in my teen years would be dominated by the original street fighter

at the time only he had this console, and there was nothing like it, nothing else anywhere to compare it to.

eventually my parents took me to stores like Montgomery wards, sears, and toys r us, and there i saw consoles similar to this.

years later i made friends from school who had activision and intellivision

my fav game on intellivision was frog bog

i luved this game.

intellivision had a funky controller

if i had died in childhood say from the flu or car accident or leukemia or DIGP i'd never imagine today's world with star wars battle front on a ps5.

but my impression at the time was the atari 2600 was magical. i turn it on and this magic performed and it was amazing.

the only alternative to this was board games which Sad

there was nothing else out there to compare it to, and only 1 kid on the block had it.

yeah i'd trade places with today's kids and play on a ps4 or xbox or nintendo switch Smile

but yeah i only played these games for like 10-15 minutes before i got kicked off. i close my eyes and i remember being inside his house in front of his tv playing these games way back in the early 80s

i asked my dad to buy this or a coleco vision, he saw the price which i recall it being around $500 which is 1980 dollars and said no. NOPE.

there was a smurf game i played

if i had died as  a kid at that time i would have died with the belief the atari 2600 is the most technologically advance toy ever to exist.

which of course is laughable compared to today's ps4 and xbox

i wish i could somehow trade places with today's kid and play starwars battlefront on a ps4 pro or xbox pro

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