Adam Walsh and my first gaming console vectrex

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Adam Walsh and my first gaming console vectrex Empty Adam Walsh and my first gaming console vectrex

Post by redpill on Mon Aug 13, 2018 3:06 pm

Mon Aug 13, 2018

wikipedia has this case history of Adam Walsh

On the afternoon of July 27, 1981, Adam's mother Revé took Adam shopping with her to the Hollywood ("Sears") Mall in Hollywood, Florida (26°00′46″N 80°10′30″W). They went together to the Sears store and entered via the north entrance.[5] Revé intended to inquire about a lamp which was on sale, and left Adam at a kiosk with Atari 2600 video games on display where several other boys were taking turns playing games. Revé completed her business in the lamp department at approximately 12:15 pm.[5][6] She said that she returned to find that Adam and the other boys had disappeared. A store manager informed her that a scuffle had broken out over whose turn it was at the kiosk and a security guard demanded that they leave the store. The security guard asked the older ones if their parents were there, and they said that they were

i had an experience similar to murder victim Adam Walsh had, Adam Walsh was in a department store, Sears way back in 1981 when he and other boys were taking turns playing video games when a fight broke out and the employees told them to all leave.

I had a similar experience, and it either was Sears or Montgomery Ward, if anyone old enough to remember it.

They had another gaming console, vectrex and i was with my dad at the time

there was a crowd of boys and we were all taking turns playing vectrex

Adam Walsh and my first gaming console vectrex 300px-10

Adam Walsh and my first gaming console vectrex Maxres53

Adam Walsh and my first gaming console vectrex Maxres52

when i got my turn to play i played the built in game, Mine Storm

Adam Walsh and my first gaming console vectrex 220px-15
Adam Walsh and my first gaming console vectrex Maxres54

it was a game like asteroid

one day near christmas my dad came home from work and he had in his hand vectrex
for me

i don't know whether he bought it there or from toys r us but sure enough he had it.

it was very heavy and i couldn't carry it myself, it had a built in CRT monitor

it was my very first gaming console. back then games costed like $70 per game, at the department store.

in time i was able to get scrabble, berzerk, tron. i knew one other kid who also had a vectrex and so we traded games.

to give you some idea of the mentality both as a kid and of the times

i owned this game , i played this game, this game was a friend of mine i thought it was awesome

Adam Walsh and my first gaming console vectrex 83c2d511

our expectations back then were obviously quite different. i've seen star wars battle front on an xbox one and  it makes me kinda sad i'm not a kid now.

our idea of getting color from our system was to add overlays over the front of the monitor.

Adam Walsh and my first gaming console vectrex Maxres55

vectrex had a 4 button joystick so you could fire and launch bombs at the same time. atari 2600 only had 1 button joystick. it had sound.

sadly after several years of gaming on this console, it died. it stopped working and we threw it away.

i can now visit youtube and see people playing these games on youtube and when i do i remember being like in second grade way back when reagan was president

so many years have passed by.

obviously as a kid playing on vectrex, i never imagine star wars battlefront and virtual reality games on an xbox one

many years later i heard what happened to Adam Walsh, and i think its crazy that i and a lot of boys also visited a kiosk of a vectrex at sears or Montgomery ward. we also had to take turns. we also wanted more time and didn't like that our time was up.

Adam Walsh was asked to leave when a fight broke out over the atari 2600. somehow he was abducted and mrudered.

there was no fight when i played and i didn't leave and obviously i'm still alive.

what an incredible difference in fate!

then and now i wondered what were the girls who were the same age as me doing.
as with adam walsh, in my area there was a very large crowd of boys of various ages from kindergarten to high school teens all wanting to play on the vectrex, but there were almost no girls there, and no girl expressed any interest in playing.

they showed no interest in vectrex.

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