Mollie Tibbetts speaks of faith and prayer & anne of green gables

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Mollie Tibbetts  speaks of faith and prayer & anne of green gables Empty Mollie Tibbetts speaks of faith and prayer & anne of green gables

Post by redpill on Sun Aug 12, 2018 12:00 pm

Sun Aug 12, 2018

i've been following the Mollie Tibbets story as its like the Amy Mihalevic and madeleine mccann story

in the news they share this

i went to school with girls similar to her.

when i took my health class in 6th grade junior high i had no idea girls had periods, that girls mentruated. girls bleed.

i had no idea of this my parents never mention this.

the issue of abortion was also raised and seemingly all the girls knew all about it and had opinions on it. i've never heard of it before. didn't know anything about it.

i also remember girls who were similar to Mollie Tibbets in prayer and faith saying they think abortion is wrong. it's killing a baby. they wouldn't kill their baby.

and i remember thinking who is killing babies?

from that very limited sample size, i got the impression that nice girls are prolife on this mysterious issue called abortion which i've never heard of, don't know anything about.

i identify with a geek/nerd and i had some understanding of DOS and autoexecution batch files and config.sys and configuring mouse.exe driver to work, on a tandy 1000sx along with IRQ and serial ports, and albert einstein and his theory of relativity, mostly in the context of time travel. if you can go faster than the speed of light you can create a wormhole and travel back through time like on star trek 4.

what is kirkoff's first law of metaphysics. nothing unreal exists.
adjust this magentic field so a positron can enter but not a graviton. correct.
how do you feel?  how do you feel? i do not understand the question

i understood these things, but abortion, at least in junior high, i never heard of ever.

in college, of course, my experience was precisely the opposite. the supermajority of young women are prochoice on abortion, my body my choice my rights

but girls like mollie tibbets and prolife girls obviously do exist, i grew up around them, and feminists and women studies types simply pretend they don't, a form of gaslighting
they claim it is sexist oppressive MEN who want to deny a woman's right to choose, that if men got pregnant abortion would be available at every convenience store like a condom.

in this video mollie tibbets talks about prayer and faith and how god and jesus really do answer prayers, it's real.

again i don't know mollie tibbets personally but like her i grew up in the midwest and there are many evangelicals teens here, and they express views similar to hers.

in my church youth group we call this "witnessesing" or "testifying" as to the holy spirit, some event like an answered prayer or meeting someone or some thing in life and then you witness to a group of teens about how god is real and god answers prayers, in the name of jesus.

i suspect many prolife girls sincerely believe in the power of prayer, they believe jesus is prolife on abortion, and that jesus, through the power of prayer, will keep them safe during pregnancy, and find ways to support them in life after they deliver a baby.

i tried praying and my conclusion is that praying doesn't work. god doesn't answer my prayers. so i don't begrudge women who don't believe in prayer either who want to abort the fetus in their uterus . if i had a uterus i'd  want to abort the fetus to.

for me there's an element of nostalgia.

in the 70s and 80s when i was growing up, it was homophobic. and the nice straight girls i knew thought of lesbianism as extremely gross. they were grossed out by the thought of 2 girls kissing and having lezbo sex. they said that lesbian is gross and they want a man. as a man this is music to my ears.

of course i went to college in the 90s and i saw and heard of bisexual women and lesbian feminists, down with the patriarchy and bi-curious women who want to be with another woman, along with reproductive rights and what not. i've listen to feminist talk about down with dead white european white males, down with great books, sexism, oppression, marxists multiculturalism, dieversity, lesbianism, rape and sexual assault.  Suspect

one show i saw that illustrates this is Anne of Green Gables. the actress who played her Megan Fallows played a very conservative traditional girl likes boys Gilbert Blythe, and prayer was important.

i learned how to spell chrysanthemum solely from watching that show

i actually saw myself as a gilbert blythe, though my ideal anne of green gables is more into star wars and comic books than classic literature.

watching anne of green gables i actually thought wow, red hair on girls with freckles is kinda hot, anne was kinda lucky to be born with red hair and freckles, unless you get melanoma and sun burn and die of skin cancer.

years later around 2010's, actress megan fallows has lezbo sex with another woman, she makes out with another chick. the clip is on youtube.

so in the 80s as i was growing up i and my peers watched megan fallows as anne of green gables on pbs, watching her growing up on a traditional town in canada, with her bossom buddy diane berry and falling in love and competing with gilbert blythe.

now actress megan fallows has lezbo sex with another woman.

i miss old america. before the dark times. before the empire  elephant i grew up with ronald reagan and then and now i think he's great.

the anne of green gables girl i know who is most like her today is

Brynne Larson Teen exorcist

Mollie Tibbetts  speaks of faith and prayer & anne of green gables 37dcdc11

rachel shoaf also had red hair and frekles. her idea of fun is killing her friend skylar and now is in prison having lesbo sex. which doesn't sound to bad for her i guess.

i agree with almost everything atheists say, (though i'm open to deism or pantheism)  but if you want a nice traditional straight girl with good family values, no drugs, bisexuality, feminism, or promiscuity,  i think you'll have to come to terms with the fact that this pool of girls tend to be religious and prolife on abortion.

a more innocent era from a more civilized age. for over a thousand generations religion was the guardians of traditions and family values. before the dark times. before the leftists. progressive idea of progress is to create a sick and decadent society

when feminists say that abortion is a woman's right to choose i'd agree with this. but when feminists say they speak for all women and that as woman studies majors they are experts on the lives of women, they are advocate for women's interests, i'm thinking, about about these prolife christian women. feminists gaslight these women, claim they don't exist or are brainwashed or don't actually know anything about it.

i agree with sidious that everyone wants power, even the feminists.
feminists all who have power are afraid to lose it. even the feminists. sith philosophy
good is a point of view. what feminists say is good isn't agreed with by these prolife christian women, who are really women.

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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