earliest dream / nightmare of walking killing trees at age 2 and coloring book

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earliest dream / nightmare of walking killing trees at age 2 and coloring book

Post by redpill on Sat Aug 18, 2018 11:43 am

Sat Aug 18, 2018

when i was born to age 2 i lived in an apartment in one northern midwestern state, in the suburb

after age 2 my family moved to another midwestern state, in the suburb

so at age 2, i have some memories from my life at age 2 in the first apartment where i was born into.

the area had very tall trees everywhere, and still does.

at age 2 i had a dream or nightmare that i will forever remember, it was the first dream/nightmare that i clearly remember and i remember it occuring when i lived in the original apartment and i cried

the midwestern state i lived in had tall trees

in my dream/nightmare the trees were walking around like people

but these trees were using their branches like arms and hands and grabbing people, kicking and screaming

and killing them, making them stop moving.

the dead people had a tattoo of a tree on their bodies and necks

i woke up and woke up my parents and i cried and cried, i was 2 at the time.
4 decades later i still remember the dream and that night like it was yesterday, my memory of that nightmare and that night hasn't diminished, and it's one of the oldest memories i have.

many years later i played both dungeons and dragons and i saw the movie lord of the rings, and i saw walking trees come to life on the big screen.

in the arcade there was a game mortal kombat where they had trees and it reminded me of that dream from age 2

at that time i also had a coloring book and it had an outline of an indian chief

and as i was about to color it, i saw the picture move, he had a tomahawk and i saw it go down and go up

i told my parents but they didn't observe it, nor did i, ever again. but in one instant, i saw the color book indian chief move his tomahawk up and down when i was age 2 when i was still living in the original apartment

i think those experiences made me more receptive to paranormal twilight zone outerlimits type stories where a person living a normal life then enters the twilight zone and has paranormal experiences. and stories of encounters with UFO and bigfoot

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