bees, wasp, dragonfly age 5

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bees, wasp, dragonfly age 5  Empty bees, wasp, dragonfly age 5

Post by redpill on Fri Oct 12, 2018 7:40 pm

Fri Oct 12, 2018

yesterday Oct 11, 2018 was a nice day, sunny and warm.

today Fri Oct 12, 2018 extremely cold, dark and rain

yesterday when i took a walk for health and fitness i saw a dragonfly

reminds me of when i was a kid, other kids told me that bees, wasps and dragonflies sting.

i remember the first time i was stung by a bee.

it was in the catholic elementary school, i was age 5 and in kindergarten

on the playground there was a flower, i got close and i got stung by a bee.

i cried and told sister rosemary. she told me yeah it hurts, don't do that again.

in third grade, i was in a public school, and we were outside for recess in the fall, there was a yellowjacket wasp hovering around me so i swatted at it and shooed it away with my hands

it stung me.

it stung me on the middle finger at the base, on the thumb-side, and after all these decades i still have a small scar from that sting.

if i ever wind up a john doe due to murder or hurricane

i have no tattoos or body piercings, but check middle finger at the base, on the thumb-side, there is a tiny circular scar i got when i got stung by the wasp

i told the 3rd grade teacher mr zemba i got stung, i need to see the nurse, but he said no (!) he said he got stung and it's no big deal.

now, i'm not allergic to bee or wasp stings, so it hurt then went away. but that kind of refusal to some kid who is highly allergic could be fatal, and then a lawsuit

i remember i was 5 years old, sitting on top of a slide that belong to my neighbor Billy, or Karen, and i looked up and saw a dragonfly - this was in the 1970s

i remember the other kids said dragon flies sting.

so i stood absolutely motionless, and when the dragon fly passed by, i ran home.

i of course now know that dragonflies don't sting.

i still remember that day, it was warm and sunny, with a few clouds, and this dragon fly appeared.

later, when i was learning about D&D ,

they had a monster dragonfly, which wasn't a real world dragonfly but a tiny bonsai dragon

i thought it'd be pretty neat to have a pet dragonfly in the D&D sense.

later i got the child craft bug book

where they talk about the most common insects, spiders centipedes etc

bees, wasp, dragonfly age 5  912jvv10

today anyone can visit wikipedia to learn.

the bug book didn't say whether dragonflies sting or not.

i think it was adults who told me that no, dragon flies don't sting.

some ants, i learn do sting, but not all ants.

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