smell of fresh baked bread and toastmaster breakmaker tbr2 lcd

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smell of fresh baked bread and toastmaster breakmaker tbr2 lcd

Post by redpill on Mon Oct 15, 2018 4:28 pm

Mon Oct 15, 2018

i rented a room and the home owner had a break making machine

one thing i enjoy a lot was the smell of baking bread.

i decided to buy toastmaster breakmaker tbr2

its more than a decade old and it works, but the lcd screen is extremely hard to see. it uses standard old  black and white lcd

and its extremely hard to view.

i bought in the 90s at target and it still is around functioning with all the parts.

back then lots of grocery stores sold bread mixes that you can put into this, one brand i bought was krusteaz.

then i often bought country white but i tried the other flavors including hawain sweet bread and sour dour.

now, i can't find these bread mixes at grocery store, and on amazon you can buy them but you have to have PRIME membership Sad

it actually cost as much, if not more, to buy these bread mixes, then add water, then fully baked bread. plus there's cleanup.

its like $3 back then, now its like $4 a package. costco sells french loaf for around $5. no cleanup

it kinda works like a laundry and driver. you put the mix into the pan, the pan has a rubber stirrer that stirs and kneads the dough, then it is programmed to let the dough rise.

i'm not sure if it is worth it now, since you can buy bread for about the same cost as this bread, but without the mess, no cleaning up. still it does smell nice for me.

it has a heating coil around so it heats and breaks the bread kinda like a dryer of laundry.

during summer that's extra heat and steam, but in the winter its nice. and its getting cold where i live

i originally had a manual which i have since lost. but the manual is now online.

i can make my own bread from recipes, again its time consuming i have to buy ingredients like flour then measure it.

i made bread this way in the past, lots of a mess with flour and measuring cups. one thing i discover is it quickly molds, it only takes a few day and mold grows on it.

it doesn't taste quite as good as french loaf from costco for me.

the ideal situation for me would be to buy krusteaz country white from walmart for like $1.50 a box, and then use it to cook. i couldn't find it at any grocery store and on ebay its like $3-4 per box. Sad

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