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Post by redpill on Fri Dec 19, 2014 5:52 pm

cherokee wrote:
Excellent, excellent article.

Prendergast is awesome and isn't afraid to report the truth. He never drank the Ramsey Kool-Aid, like the rest of the mainstream media, but has always reported the facts in a courageous and unbiased way.

Of course, the following excerpt stood out to me:

For a little while, the Whites continued to receive little notes and cards from the Ramseys, but nothing they regarded as a serious invitation to get together. Priscilla noticed that Patsy's handwriting was different, altered in several respects from what it had been before the death of JonBenét.

talk about koolaid from someone who has never studied any science of forensic document examination.

What is Priscilla's qualification for noting Patsy's handwriting was "different" and "altered".

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