Katherine Korzilius and JonBenét Ramsey victims of blonde blue eyed serial killer

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Katherine Korzilius and JonBenét Ramsey victims of blonde blue eyed serial killer

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Suspect a review of the literature shows that many serial killers have specific victim preferences based on appearance and travel. Here we will showcase some serial killers who had selected a very specific victim based on appearance, but the MO may change. Many serial killers select victims based mostly or solely based on appearance, and then where and how they get their victims may differ. Serial killer Ted Bundy selected brunette young women.

note Ted Bundy the victim's appearance is paramount, but the MO differs, from abducting off the street, pretending to be a police officer, invading homes and sororities, pretending to be injured, going on dates etc. Ted Bundy MO differs but the victim is always the same. other examples

John Wayne Gacy young boys

and Jeffrey Dahmer teen boys

. The I90 serial killer selected young brunette women.

atlanta child killer mostly young black boys

mexico WOMAN serial killer  Juana Barraza always picked victims who resemble her mother whom she hated, but where and how she murdered them was mostly opportunity

With Juana as with Ted Bundy, she targetted elderly women to kill where ever she can find them, outdoors, in parks, gardening outside the home, or inside the home. She mostly could be describe as a hate crime rather than a sex crime, she did not have sex with her victims she hated them because they reminded her of her mother. She was featured in ID channel Deadly Women.

there are many unsolved serial killers who selected victims such as the red head serial killer


The redhead murders are a series of unsolved homicides believed to have been committed by an unidentified serial killer in Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi and Pennsylvania.[1][2] It is presumed that the killings occurred between 1978 and the 1980s, but they may have continued until 1992.[3][4] The victims, many of whom have never been identified, usually had reddish hair and their bodies were abandoned along major highways in the United States; presumably, they were hitchhiking or engaged in prostitution.[2][5] Authorities are unsure of how many people were responsible for these murders, if they were all performed by the same perpetrator(s), or how many victims there were.[6] It is believed that a total of eight to eleven victims were involved.[2][7]

the trail of tears serial killers, all victims native american women except maybe couple white females

Dean Correll and his victims

there has been speculation that in Massachuettes there is a serial killer with a victim preference for very young prepubescent blonde-blue eyed white girls.


Blonde, Blue-Eyed and Gone

Two girls from Connecticut vanish. Two from Southern Massachusetts are abducted and found dead. Are these high-profile cases connected?

In the scope of 10 years, 1968 to 1978, ten girls (including Lisa and Janice) vanished from Tolland County. Some of the girls’ bodies have been recovered, others have not. I looked at several of these cases and I could not find links between Lisa, Janice and any of the missing others. A law enforcement source investigating the cases told me, “Lisa’s disappearance could be connected to [Janice’s] … There are some general common factors to … these cases, [but] nothing substantial was developed.”

Janice Pockett left her Rhodes Road home in Tolland on July 26, 1973—about six miles from where Lisa disappeared over a year later—to fetch a butterfly she’d placed under a rock just off the side of the road a tenth of a mile from her home. Janice’s family found her bicycle on the side of the road near the woods, but 7-year-old Janice was gone. Her body, same as Lisa’s, has never been found.

this documentary showcases it

Janice Pockett

Girl, 7, vanished while looking for a butterfly - CNN.com
Jan 25, 2010 - On a July afternoon in 1973, a little girl set out on her bicycle in a pristine corner of Connecticut. Janice Pockett, 7, was looking for a butterfly ...

10-year-old Holly Piirainen


Holly Kristen Piirainen (January 19, 1983 – August 5, 1993) was a 10-year-old American murder victim from Grafton, Massachusetts. She and her brother had been visiting their grandparents in Sturbridge, Massachusetts.[1]

Holly and her brother had gone to a neighbor's house to see puppies. Her brother had returned to the cottage where the grandparents lived, but Holly did not. One of Holly's shoes was found by the side of a road.[1]

Searching for Holly took two months. On October 23, 1993, Holly's remains were found by hunters in Brimfield, Massachusetts. The killer still has not been found.[1]

Note 10 year old Holly Kristen Piirainen was abducted/murdered on October 23, 1993 and is thought to be a victim of a serial killer with a preference for blue eyed blonde girls

7 year old March 16, 1984 Tracy Neef  

6 year old Morgan Nick abducted June 9, 1995

Katherine Korzilius and JonBenét Ramsey

date of death

August 7, 1996 for Katherine
December 26, 1996 for Jonbenet

just 4 months apart, both in 1996

Jonbenet was born August 6, 1990
one day before Katherine was found murdered

Katherine lives in Austin Texas, wealthy family
Jonbenet lives in Boulder Colorado, wealthy family

katerine is a 9 letter name
JonBenét is 8 letter, 9 if u include diacritic ' over e

look at those two.
both look like identical twin sisters.
both girls
both blonde
both blue-eyed
both white
both were murdered in year 1996
both 6 years old.
both died under mysterious circumstances.
both come from wealthy families
both were last seen alive and no problems or worries.
both were noticed missing
both were searched for
both were musically talented
both had 1 older brothers 9 years old Chris Korzilias and Burke Ramsey at time of death
both discovered dead by family members.

both have deaths that are very hard to explain
both have older brothers
both got a media publicity
both featured on unsolved mysteries
both had families as suspects
both no one witnessed actual deaths
both were abducted from the last known location and found dead in another location

both had blunt trauma injuries
both had blunt head injuries
both had autopsies done
both families hired private investigators
both deaths are unsolved
perhaps a killer with a thing for 6 year old blue eyed blonde girls perhaps resentful of rich girl

1990 UM fan wrote:
I don't think this is too farfetched at all. Serial killers have been known to pick out a certain type of person to victimize, and serial killers have been known to travel too.

In reference to the similarities/coincidences, just look at Heriberto Seda, the mock Zodiac Killer from New York. How would he have known the astrological signs of his victims before he killed them? Some killers kill at random, some killers know facts about their victims beforehand, and some like I said, pick out certain kinds of people. It's uncommon but not unlikely that these girls may have been killed by the same person, if you believe that their families weren't involved to begin with.

While its true Katherine was murdered outside her home and Jonbent inside her home, the claim being made here is that they are both fit victim appearance, and that other serial killers ranging from Ted Bundy to Juana Barraza had a specific victim preference, but killed them wherever they encountered them. Ted and Juana murdered their specific victims in parks, on trails, outside the home gardening, on walks, Ted posed as a police officer or injured, Juana posed as a nurse or elderly assistant or cleaning lady, both entered homes. Ted Bundy entered sorority houses and killed them inside at night but also killed them in parks beaches hiking trails. In one case he abducted his youngest victim while she was riding her bicycle and he was driving his car. Both killed at night and at day and all hours in between. Ted killed for sexual reasons, Juana killed out of hate. Where and how differed based on opportunity, but the victim itself always fit a certain specific demographic.

Jonbenet and Katherine were both 6 year old blue eyed blonde from rich families. Jonbenet was relatively famous and Katherine's father was Bon Jovi manager.

9 year old Amber Hageman isn't blonde but she does fit the time age and location

On January 13, 1996, nine-year-old Amber Rene Hagerman (November 25, 1986 – January 17, 1996) was abducted while riding her bike in Arlington, Texas.[18] A neighbor who witnessed the abduction called the police, and Amber's brother Ricky went home to tell his mother and grandparents what happened. On hearing the news, Amber's father Richard called Marc Klaas, whose daughter Polly had been abducted and murdered in Petaluma, California on October 1, 1993.

Richard Hagerman and Amber's mother, Donna Whitson (now Donna Norris), called the news media and the FBI. The Whitsons and their neighbors began searching for Amber. Four days after the abduction, a man walking his dog found her body in a storm drainage ditch. Her killer has not been found, and her homicide remains unsolved.

a formal statement of this theory is that a serial killer who is responsible for killing 10-year-old Holly Piirainen also killed 7 year old Tracy Neef, 6 year old Morgan Nick, 6 year old Katherine Korzillius and 6 year old Jonbenet Ramsey, possibly 9 year old Amber Hageman.

In Holly Piirainen, Tracy Neef, Morgan Nick, Katherine Korzilius and Amber Hageman it was a victim of opportunity. He saw them walking alone, no one was looking so he abducted then killed them. In Jonbenet Ramsey he learned about her in pageants and grew infatuated and wanted to pay her a visit in her home, so it was highly planned. Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven

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