RDI myth "the Jonbenet ransom note is Patsy Ramsey handwriting"

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RDI myth "the Jonbenet ransom note is Patsy Ramsey handwriting"

Post by redpill on Fri Nov 06, 2015 12:29 am

Suspect over at websleuth i see Ramsey lynch mobbers andreww and SD say

andrew wrote:
Patsy's handwriting, Patsy's hair, Patsy's fibers..... Yeh, we're well aware of what was found.

andrew have you done any actual research? there is a standard called the daubert standard. using it and applying it to the handwriting experts, we are left with the 6 ABDFE who examined the original said there is no indication it is Patsy's AND put her on a 4.5 on a 5 or 8 on 9, with 5 and 9 being elimination. there is no scientific forensic basis for stating the handwriting on the RN is patsy's.  patsy's "hair" sourced to a news report, not an official forensic crime lab report. and even criminalist Henry Lee said there is innocent explanation for patys' fibers.

superdouch wrote:No need for that. I'll tell you right now. As I see it, the biggest problems are that guild membership has become more important than actual experience and ability, the training methods to get into those guilds are outdated bordering on quaint, and most of all, there's really no way to train someone for disguised writing. I hinted at that earlier when I mentioned Epstein's experience.

you know several years ago i had already explained this to him and provided him resources and in all this time he has still not done any independent study on this.

i have no idea why superdave and andrew have decided to insert themselves in this investigation and then show themselves to be so embarassingly ignorant. really over at crimeshots i explained to him the daubert standard and how this refutes his claims above. i can only conclude that sd and andrew and their ilk are not motivated by intellectual honesty but something far darker.

i think these "rdi" are  a lynch mob bullies really who make the R's out to be their whipping boy. they have some perverse psychological need to lynch the Rs. tricia griffith cynic ukguy topix posters another major offender. it's scary really. i think sociopaths have a need to victimize certain people and that's what i'm seeing here. scary stuff. i don't think these people can in any way be reasoned with so why waste your time?

i already spoke at length with superdave on the issue of handwriting experts why cina wong and gideon epstein are frauds and he continues to try to find suckers who will buy into what he is selling Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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