Dana Point Jane Doe Holly Jo Glynn and 18 year old Sarah Townsend

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Dana Point Jane Doe Holly Jo Glynn and 18 year old Sarah Townsend

Post by redpill on Wed Dec 16, 2015 10:41 pm

Dana Point Jane Doe 21 year old Holly Jo Glynn

18 year old Sarah Townsend

Dana Point Jane Doe Holly Jo Glynn and 18 year old Sarah Townsend

both young adult white females, hetero sexual, with boyfriends, 18 and 21 years old
both very attractive fair-complexioned with long blonde and strawberry blonde hair
both lived on the coastline of an ocean
both loved to party and rock music
both had families who cared for them and provided middle class life
neither went to college
both were single - though they have dated boys in the past
both were never married
neither had children
both were exposed to drugs, cocaine as a result of their partying
both developed drug addictions
both developed serious severe mental health problems as a result of drug abuse
both went missing
both committed suicide, one jumping off cliff near the ocean, the other drown in the pond

2 different young women from completely different time lines,  
Holly Jo Glynn 9/11/1966-9/20/1987 age 21
Sarah Townsend 2/12/1993-5/09/2011 age 18

note that Sarah committed suicide in May 2011 and Holly was identified only in May 2015 so there is no possibility Sarah Townsend knew of Holly Glynn.

a lot of coincidences. coincidence or transmigration of soul?
I wonder if Sarah Townsend has any memories of her past life as Holly Jo Glynn.  

if the latter then by the year 2035 or so, another very attractive young white heterosexual woman, age 18-21 will commit suicide for the same reason as her previous 2 lives. or 3.

one of the most famous jane does of all time is
L'Inconnue de la Seine

According to an often-repeated story, the body of the young woman was pulled out of the Seine River at the Quai du Louvre in Paris around the late 1880s.[3] Since the body showed no signs of violence, suicide was suspected.

A pathologist at the Paris morgue was, according to the story, so taken by her beauty that he had a mould make a wax plaster cast death mask of her face.

The identity of the girl was never discovered. Claire Forestier estimated the age of the model at no more than 16, given the firmness of the skin.[1]

L'Inconnue de la Seine is clearly a very attractive white female, possibly 16 years old.

L'Inconnue de la Seine committed suicide by drowning, estimated age 16, just like the suicide of 18 year old  Sarah Townsend.

L'Inconnue de la Seine when found everyone remarked on her beauty, just like Dana Point Jane Doe Holly Glynn.

Perhaps L'Inconnue de la Seine had a history of drug abuse, that led to drug addiction, that led to severe mental health problems, that led to suicide.

If so, then her story is identical to 21 year old Holly Jo Glynn and 18 year old Sarah Townsend.

coincidence, or transmigration of souls?

after L'Inconnue de la Seine suicide, her spirit made its way into Holly Jo Glynn and then Sarah Townsend. Quite possibly her spirit has returned and already been born and is alive now.

if you are still alive in the year 2035 and you hear of a very attractive white female single, never married, committing suicide due to a history of drug use, you have witnessed the spirit that has existed at least since the 19th century and has travelled and went through several reincarnations and transmigrations.  What a Face  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven

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