survivor gen x vs millenials Hannah Shapiro faigy mayer Rebecca Wasserstrum

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survivor gen x vs millenials Hannah Shapiro faigy mayer Rebecca Wasserstrum

Post by redpill on Thu Sep 22, 2016 8:06 pm

one reason i like survivor is to see sports like competition but with ordinary people rather than super athletes. i am often on my toes as to see who wins.

another reason is that i like to see social interactions.

this season is divided among gen x vs millennials. personally i didn't know gen x reached all the way back to 1963 - i thought 1963 are baby boomers.

on the millennial tribe you see the 2 best looking boys and prettiest girl immediately forming an alliance

the "pretty girl" figgy is a bartended and interviews she wants $1 million and maybe a husband from this

her real name is
Jessica 'Figgy' Figueroa

i and i said to myself Figueroa
why does that sound familiar. it's ringing bells.

oh yeah. now i remember

Stephanie Figueroa

they're both last name  Figueroa both 21, and both like boys.

Figgy is in love with Taylor Lee Stocker 24

and bonded with Justin "Jay" Starrett

they want to bring in the other pretty girl Michelle Schubert

from Yakima Washington, land of bigfoot

of all the things you can be into, of all the things that there are out there, Michelle is into

she's a missionary for Jesus and works with bibles and bible translations and is religious. and a millennial i must add. a christian on survivor  Evil or Very Mad  Evil or Very Mad

a jew and a christian are on a island. the jew is

Hannah Shapiro

another jew named faigy mayer complained about how much she hated judaism

Rebecca Wasserstrum was also a jew who committed suicide

tbh personally i don't find jewish girls to be attractive at all.  Suspect  Suspect

faigy mayer on religion

faigy mayer wrote:

I remember being in the third grade and my mom and I wrote a list of all the girls in my girls-only hasidic Jewish girls’ school. The school was a part of the Hasidic sect of Belz. The purpose was to find me a friend. We went over the list to see if there was anyone I wanted to be friends with. I don’t remember what happened after we went over that list. However, I do remember that clearly nothing was accomplished, and until I left the religion of hasidic Judaism at the age of 24, I would not have any friends. I thought a girl named [redacted] was my friend in the 10th grade, but when she had to tell her sister that I was at her house, she said: “My classmate is here.” I remember being stung by her not referring to me as her friend.

It is now, having recently celebrated my 5 year anniversary for leaving hasidic Judaism, that I realize what my problem probably was.

I didn’t know that leaving the faith was an option to me until the age of 23, when a secular relative told me I could. I didn’t know that I will never get married to a hasidic guy.

I remember wondering what I would do if I would have a son and he would be subjected to the torture of learning Yiddish all day. I remember my teacher Mrs. [redacted] teaching us the laws of kashrut and she was obsessing over accidentally using a dairy utensil in a meat pot and without knowing the word “bullshit,” that is what I was thinking, and failing that class and so many others was the smartest thing I did. Without knowing I was agnostic I refused to study rules that were clearly not applicable to 2001. This was the same with the Lammed Tes Meluchos already in the 6th grade. The Lammed Tes Meluchos are the 39 commandments kept on Shabbat. I remember one commandment forbids tying knots on Shabbat and my teacher taught us all the loopholes to tying and untying knots. I was chastised for decorating my lammed tes meluchos book and making it too fancy, but the actual studying of the Hebrew words that I wrote so fancily never happened.

I discuss the above to try to explain what happens to intelligent children with American backgrounds. However, I feel as though Hasidic Judaism shouldn’t exist at all. My 3 nephews are being raised in a very strict hasidic Jewish environment. It isn’t fair to them that they have to live their lives the way they do. The most fun they have is to color with crayons. Even if I would be allowed to be in their lives, they would not be allowed to play games on my iPhone. Basic joys that American kids get on a daily basis my nephews don’t have. Instead, they have long hours at a Cheder, which is a boys’ school, where they are forced to sit in one place and study Jewish laws and history with ZERO time for sports.

When I had to renew my NYS ID, I did so online. what if in 20 years you have to go online to get a birth certificate for your child. I have mine on paper. Does that make sense? A hasidic mom with 13 children needs those birth certificates so that she could get food stamps for her child as soon as that child is born. Will she go online so that she can get her food stamps? I believe she will. And once she is online, she might come across a story on the home screen, and that might make her think about her harsh life, which she embraces, but she is embracing it without thinking. IF PEOPLE WERE ALLOWED TO THINK, THEY WOULD NOT BE RELIGIOUS. Thinking analytically when it comes to basic life decisions is something new to me and something I still struggle with, 5 years after leaving.

now i agree with faigy mayer that the torah is bullshit. i actually read levitcus and numbers and i feel sorry for anyone that actually reads the old testament and takes it seriously.

but on survivor you see her fellow jew hannah socially isolated, not bonding with the others, kinda lone. hannah recognized this and also recognized that if the millennials lose she might be the first voted out. in my opinion it's partly because of her looks. imo she's not that attractive. the 4 most attractive millennials have already bonded, one a religious christian. hannah saw herself as an outcast and hatched a plan to form an alliance with the other ME's to try to vote out the pretty group, while they still have the numbers, should they lose an immunity challenge.

same sort of thing happened also on australian survivor with the pretty flick and brook aligning with lee and sam. kylie and kristie were outcasts.

i do this this as a representation of the real world. on a typical college campus, the fraternity boys and sorority girls are the most attractive on campus. and they live lives focused on having fun partying getting drunk and sex. for the most part, only fraternity guys date only sorority girls. something like that you see here in this season 33 of survivor.

i think the torah and old testament is bullshit and obviously caused faigy mayer a lot of psychological problems. but i think based on how hannah shapiro was socially isolated and rejected by her peers, that had faigy attended an atheist public school full of bullies like i did, she'd also be socially isolated and bullied. so in essence you are trading one type of bullshit in the study of a fictional torah and religion, for another bullshit in a secular public school of bullying and social rejection. so there's that.


im allowed to think.
i agree with faigy mayer that bible based religions i would not be religious.

but i consider it a shame there's not a religion based on

i consider myself religious in the above way.

on survivor you clearly saw hannah being socially isolated, and hannah was aware of this, she was not fitting in, and she was worried about being the first to be voted out. in a public school someone with the looks of faigy mayer might be subjected to relentless bullying, which is a real issue in a public school.

in the public school i went to, the pretty girls who were popular, dated football players and were well liked, but can be mean girls snobbish elitists looked like



not like this

what if faigy mayer was subjected to relentless bullying and social isolatation, how would that affect her psychologically? and what if some group of born again christian girls

offered her to join them, provided they pray and show love for jesus. so faigy mayer's choice is to be socially isolated, bullied, or join a group, in this case, born again jesus loving christian girls, and then enjoy some level of protection from predators psychopaths? christians at a public school will be your friend provided you actually are willing to go to after school bible club and pray. they would turn faigy into a jew for jesus Laughing the cool popular kids would not let you join them, only pretty or athletic can join them, whereas christians will accept you regardless provided you love jesus. of course a lot of those cool pretty party, and at parties they do alcohol smoking and drugs which creates another set of issues.


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