Alzheimer’s aducanumab fails clinical trials :(

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Alzheimer’s aducanumab fails clinical trials :( Empty Alzheimer’s aducanumab fails clinical trials :(

Post by redpill on Thu Mar 21, 2019 6:35 pm

Thu Mar 21, 2019

i have been reading about Alzheimer's as my mother has it

she's same age as Joe Biden but they are worlds apart in functionality. my mom now has a memory of a goldfish
her long term memory is still intact.

i read that Alzheimer's is more common in females.

I've been reading the scientific literature, that researchers think the proximate cause of Alzheimer's is beta amyloid plaques or tau hyper phosphorylation

i was reading about Alzheimer’s aducanumab, which promises to clear beta amyloid plagues from the brain.

it is in phase 3 clinical trials, with results expected by Nov 2019

if it passed, it might take 1-2 years for FDA approval though it will be very expensive as a new drug.

but I hoped as Jess told Sally

Alzheimer’s aducanumab fails clinical trials :( Vlcsn288
Alzheimer’s aducanumab fails clinical trials :( Triang10

if you just hold on, the boat will return, and you and me will board it.

meaning, if my mom can live another 1-2 years, Alzheimer’s aducanumab can be FDA approved and clear beta amyloid plaques and my mom becomes more normal.

well in the news today it failed the trials.

some researchers are questioning the beta amyloid theory, as another class of drugs, BASE1 inhibitors also failed clinical 3 trials.

the hope was like high cholesterol, and my mom takes simvastatin, and high blood pressure, my mom takes lorsartan, and high blood sugar, my mom takes metformin

alzheimer's can pop a pill, which now would be under patent protection and very expensive, which stops beta amyloid plaques and therefore stops or even cures alzheimer's.

it would be yet another pill my mom would have to take, but one that makes her normal again.

sadly it failed.

i have to face my mother's eventual death from alzheimer's and that maybe years after her death they finally get a drug that works.

if my mom had developed alzheimer's say 10 years or 20 years from now, it's possible they will have a drug for it and it might even be generic in 20 years.

she is taking generic aricept and namenda, and as generics they cost almost nothing, like $3 for 90 day supply. and they only improve symptoms not cure it. No

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