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re: Day 2 The Pineapple in the Bowl/ 12 Days of JonBenet fingerprints part 1 A project Tricia Griffith rebuttal

Post by redpill on Sat Dec 09, 2017 12:59 pm


today i discovered there's actually 2 persons named Tricia Griffith, one of whom is a business woman

this post is about websleuth specifically

Suspect trasha pictured below is an example of an anti-science denialist

this is what she claims Day 2 The Pineapple in the Bowl/ 12 Days of JonBenet fingerprints

Day 2 The Pineapple in the Bowl/ 12 Days of JonBenet

If you watched the A&E Special you noticed not one single thing was said about the pineapple. Since this was all Michael Tracey and his buddy David Mills this is not the least bit surprising.

They barely mentioned the ransom note too.

The pineapple in the bowl left out on the table. Burke's prints and Patsy's prints are found on the bowl.

JonBenet was found to have pineapple in her small intestine meaning she ate the pineapple shortly before her death.

rom the Today show interview March 24th, 2000:
Mr. RAMSEY: Let's deal with the facts that I know. The facts are that JonBenet was asleep when we brought her home, we put her to bed, and neither Patsy or I fed her anything, because she was asleep. Those are the facts.

Let's make this simple. The Ramsey's want you to believe the intruder fed JonBenet pineapple before he killed her. The pineapple was in a bowl with Burke's and Patsy's prints.


If you are reading this and can really believe that an intruder went and woke up JonBenet, JonBenet didn't make a peep, then fed pineapple to JonBenet while everyone in the house slept, then I am at a loss for words.

Feel free to add to this thread about the pineapple. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Remember, September 18th, on CBS is the real docu-series you need to watch. This docu-series has James Kolar, Henry Lee and more. The real experts.

It's day 2 in the 12 Days of JonBenet as we work up to the CBS show.

Thank you,


The A&E show, unlike the CBS show, and unlike James Kolar and Steve Thomas, features actual qualified scientific and medical experts, and the conclusion is an intruder murdered Jonbenet.

let's look at Tricia Griffith

consider for a moment how much time she has spent on Jonbenet.

the most basic aspect of research is to research and understand all the forensics used in the Jonbenet Ramsey case.

the simplest research anyone can do is simply visit Wikipedia

in this case the wikipeida article on fingerprints

going to

we find this section

Disappearance of children's latent prints

In 1995, researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, at the instigation of Detective Art Bohanan of the Knoxville Police Department, discovered that children's fingerprints are considerably more short-lived than adult fingerprints.[32] The rapid disappearance of children's fingerprints was attributed to a lack of the more waxy oils that become present at the onset of puberty. The lighter fatty acids of children's fingerprints evaporate within a few hours. As of 2010, researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory are investigating techniques to capture these lost fingerprints.

reference "Oak Ridge National Laboratory: The Case of the Vanishing Fingerprint". 1995-03-27. Retrieved 2012-09-14.

clicking on the reference

Oak Ridge National Laboratory: The Case of the Vanishing Fingerprint
March 27, 1995

Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) are working with a police detective to solve a scientific mystery: Why aren't children's fingerprints as detectable as adults'?

While investigating the abduction and murder of an East Tennessee girl, Art Bohanan, a specialist with the nearby Knoxville Police Department, encountered a phenomenon he had seen before. Although witnesses saw the child enter the suspect's car, none of her fingerprints could be found inside the vehicle.

The suspect initially confessed but later recanted, making the absence of the victim's fingerprints a hurdle for the prosecution. For Bohanan, a veteran of several grim criminal investigations involving children, the case reinforced a previous observation: Kids' fingerprints don't stick around the way adults' do.

His theory was surprisingly fresh. "I couldn't find any data on the subject anywhere. I called contacts in the FBI, the National Institute of Justice, Scotland Yard, and even a police friend in Russia," Bohanan said. "Apparently no one had ever encountered or noticed the problem, much less studied it. A letter from the FBI referred to it as an area that needs to be explored."

Bohanan came to ORNL for help. After the detective met with researchers, Michelle Buchanan of the Chemical and Analytical Sciences Division began a project that, as Bohanan puts it, "could lead us to all kinds of things down the road."

Buchanan enlisted a willing group of youths, ages 4 to 17, to shake vials of alcohol between their thumb and forefinger to collect chemicals from their skin. She also took similar samples from adults, ages 19 to 46. In Buchanan's lab, tests on the samples using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, which is a very sensitive method of analyzing and identifying chemicals, appear to bear out the detective's hunch: Kids' fingerprints are different.

"We see a marked difference in the chromatograms," Buchanan said. "Children's fingerprints contain more volatile chemicals, such as free fatty acids, while adult prints display longer lasting compounds."

Knowing the chemical difference in adults' and children's fingerprints is likely to lead to a test for latent juvenile fingerprints. Buchanan said that after her organic mass spectroscopy group identifies the compounds in the prints, another ORNL researcher, Tuan Vo-Dinh of the Health Sciences Research Division, could be asked to try to come up with a method for detecting kids' prints. Vo-Dinh has developed numerous optical technologies, including improved methods for testing for polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, a significant pollutant, and a laser-based, nonsurgical technique for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The fact that the gas chromatographic profiles identified so many chemicals present in the skin has Buchanan theorizing that this research could lay the groundwork for new noninvasive diagnostic procedures. "It has been reported that a number of compounds present in the skin's surface are indicators of some diseases," Buchanan said. "We hope to improve sampling techniques to develop new methods to detect target compounds that can tell us more about what's going on inside the body."

In the meantime, an enthusiastic Detective Bohanan envisions what his police work could lead to. "I'd like to see one-touch patch tests for drugs so that we could detect them at the scene. Forensic evidence is often lost or tainted because of delays in analysis or accidents along the way," Bohanan said.

ORNL, one of DOE's multiprogram research laboratories, is managed by Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Inc., a Lockheed Martin company, which also manages the Oak Ridge Y-12 Plant and the Oak Ridge K-25 Site.

this is Tricia Griffith

the one thing she has never done is sit down and clarify research and every forensics used in the Jonbenet murder investigation.

She is a complete and total igonramous on science.

a simple visit to the wikipedia article on fingerprints turns up a scientific fact about fingerprints

young children fingerprints like Jonbenet, age 6 disappear on their own completely, due to volatile chemicals in sweat

I doubt Tricia Griffith knows what volatile means. It means easily evaporates.

So Jonbenet could have woke up fed herself pineappple, touched the pineapple glass, her fingerprints all over the table cup glass pineapple

and then disappeared, leaving behind Patsy's and Burkes.

this is Tricia Griffith

she has never done the most basic research into the forensics involved in the Jonbenet Ramsey case.

she and her thugs at websmear and forumsforjackasses have spent all these years on Jonbenet, yet simply visiting wikipedia
on each and every foreniscs in the Jonbenet case appears to much work for them.

i originally pointed this out to my apprentice Superdave. i tried to teach him everything i know about the Forensics. Even the nature of the Daubert side. his response is to kill me in my sleep.

you've been redpilled affraid

there's a part 2 to this claim

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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