science, string theory and the paranormal ancient aliens

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science, string theory and the paranormal ancient aliens Empty science, string theory and the paranormal ancient aliens

Post by redpill on Thu Apr 12, 2018 12:21 pm

in science,

the matter we see all around us is called normal matter or baryonic matter.

scientists have made observations on galaxy rotation curves and other data that lead them to conclude there may be other forms of matter, which they called dark matter

scientists also conclude there may be forms of energy called dark energy

all of which are undetected except by their effects on galaxies

one scientific theory is string theory which posits we live in a multiverse, our universe is one among many and perhaps highly advance aliens can travel among different universes through wormholes.

in the news,

Aliens may exist in ways we can’t even imagine

The work, which was published in the journal Acta Astronautica, discusses the possibility of alien life existing in a way that humans quite literally cannot fathom. It’s both scary and fascinating to imagine, but it does make a good bit of sense when you suspend your disbelief for a moment.

“What we are trying to do with this differentiation is to contemplate other possibilities,” Gabriel de la Torre, a neuropsychologist who co-led the study, explains. “For example, beings of dimensions that our minds cannot grasp; or intelligences based on dark matter or energy, which make up almost 95 percent of the universe and which we are only beginning to glimpse. There is even the possibility that other universes exist, as the texts of Stephen Hawking and other scientists indicate.”

'Dark matter' aliens here on Earth? Could be, scientists says
Newshub-14 hours ago
Are UFOs and psychics real? CIA files give an answer. Credits: Video - Newshub; Image - Getty. Have we been looking for aliens in the wrong place this whole time? Researchers are now seriously considering the possibility if they exist, we won't find evidence in outer space, but right here on Earth - only ...

Dark Matter Could Be A Sign Of Intelligent Alien Civilization
Tech Times-4 hours ago
Everything that is observed using available knowledge and instruments consists only less than 5 percent. Further study of dark matter and energy could shed light to the discovery of intelligent civilizations. The signals could be present, but limited knowledge on dark matter and energy could be limiting the ...

Alien Life: This Strange Quirk of the Human Mind Could Be ...
Newsweek-5 hours ago
Perhaps there could be forms of intelligence based on the mysterious dark matter and energy that makes up almost 95% of the universe. Or maybe, there are intelligent beings that come from different dimensions, or universes, altogether. "New discoveries in physics show us that other possibilities for reality ...

Cosmic Gorilla Effect Could Make Humans Blind To Aliens In ...
Tech Times-Apr 11, 2018
The researchers said that intelligent extraterrestrial life possibly manifests in dimensions that evade human perception such as the unknown dark matter. They said that a limited understanding of the elusive dark matter and energy could make humans blind to signals of alien life, particularly because of their ...

there is speculation based on science that there are intelligent sentient beings made of dark matter, dark energy, or even different dimensions and universes as allowed by string theory.

intelligent sentient beings and entities made entirely of dark energy, dark matter or other exotics would be mostly undetectable to us.
string theory also posits a higher dimensional reality beyond the 3 dimensions we directly see.

i am a huge fan of ancient aliens. when its on i make it a point to watch it.

it seems clear that if there are entities made of dark matter or forms of energy called dark energy, and they only sporadically make contact with us somehow, perhaps due to quantum fluctuations, we would call them in the past demons ghosts poltergeists angels, gods, or even God. past life experiences reincarnation near death experiences

today we could call them aliens.

we would say this defy the normal laws of physics and paranormal.

so while i don't believe in the god of the bible, perhaps prayer does have value in that there are sentient intelligent entities of benevolent purpose out there, existing according to laws of nature science has no knowledge of.

perhaps some disappearances is the result of a person getting sucked into a wormhole, a vortex, created by dark matter and dark energy

perhaps some premonitions and psychic forecasts is the result of the person making contact with entities composed entirely of dark energy, who then go on manipulate our world so that the premonition comes true.

skeptics say its impossible for aliens to build a spacecraft and then fly from their planet through light years through space, with all its highly dangerous radiation to visit us on planet earth. einstein said nothing travels faster than light and some stars are billions of lightyears away.

but that's assuming normal science.

perhaps these aliens are from other dimensions or other universes. or they exploit unknown physics of dark energy and dark matter and create wormholes that allow instantaneous travel.

einstein theory of relativity says that nothing travels faster than light through normal space and time, but nothing about travelling through higher dimensional wormholes.

normal science has no explanation for consciousness and sentience and creativity, how matter can create such experiences in humans and animals.

science is completely silent on a major aspect of reality we experience, our own thoughts and feelings hopes dreams, all rooted in a brain composed of atoms.

ultimately in science, in the beginning was the hydrogen atom and 14 billion years later, here we are as thinking feeling sentient entities.

there is no ruling out that other forms of matter such as dark matter, and other forms of energy such as dark energy, could also give rise to  thinking feeling sentient entities, which only sporadically make contact with us. we call these contacts UFO angels demons poltergeists


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