Jesus never existed Jesus myth theory confronting Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii

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Jesus never existed Jesus myth theory confronting Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii

Post by redpill on Sun Jun 10, 2018 10:44 pm

Sun Jun 10, 2018

sunday school with redpill

the equivalent to RDI vs IDI on JonBenet Ramsey true crime forums for atheists and christians, i think,

is did Jesus exist?

Many atheists are taken with the idea that Jesus never actually existed. A view promoted by Richard Carrier, Earl Doherty and others. GA wells is the godfather of this theory in its modern form.

now for Christians it might sound completely absurd to say Jesus never existed. The gospels after all were written by eye witness, the the apostles John and Matthew and based on eye witness testimony.

what many atheists actually educated in some aspects of new testament scholarship know, is that the gospels, esp Luke and Matthew are based on Mark, and were not eye witnesses to the events. John's gospel is very late and unhistorical for a variety of reasons.

Bart Ehrman and Dale Martin of Yale summarize the basic facts accepted by secular new testament scholars, such as the theory Matthew and Luke used Mark as their primary source. Acts has serious problems with historical reliability.

these credentialed new testament scholars and historians of early christianity do agree on, though, is that Jesus existed.

Jesus Mythicists claim that Jesus never existed. I've pointed out Richard Carrier, while he has a phD in ancient history from Colombia, didn't do graduate studies in early christianity at an accepted credentialed university, and his unemployed, and not working as a tenured historian ore religious scholar in any university history or religious studies department

none of this deters legions of atheists on just about atheist forum out there to claim

Jesus never existed.

There is no evidence Jesus existed. Jesus is a complete first century fabrication with no historical basis.

one line of argument is the argument of silence, there are no "contemporary" accounts of Jesus who could have mentioned Jesus but did not. i've even heard there were as many as 33 Greek and Roman writers who were alive around the time of Jesus who never mention Jesus in any of their extant writings. I've asked though why these writers in Greece and Rome (Italy) would write about some guy who lived in Palestine and Judea

of that list, only Philo might have mentioned Jesus but even then he lived his life in Alexandria Egypt, though he did travel to Jerusalem

a claim that Jesus mythicsists and atheists who support this is that there is no contemporary records of Jesus existed.

Apostle Paul doesn't count, they say.

Richard Carrier made analogies of someone living in WW2 and not being mentioned in any contemporary records, and only being mentioned some 50 years after his death.

Richard Carrier is supposed to be a historian of ancient history

today i clicked on listverse and i realized something

Eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79 destroyed August  24 AD 79

city of Pompeii  was pretty much totally destroyed

The total inhabitants of the cities were 16,000–20,000; the remains of about 1,500 people have been found at Pompeii and Herculaneum, but the overall death toll is still unknown.

let's apply the Jesus myth atheist skepticism to city of Pompeii  

did this guy

exist? what's his name? are there any contemporary records that mention him?

if not, then does this mean he didn't exist? are there any records by any Roman, Greek, Jewish historians who mention this guy and his name and life, and if not, does this mean he never existed?

did these guys exist?

did this guy exist?

did these guys and gals exist?

they have skeletons inside them

how about this ?

Pompeii's population in 79 AD, which is comparable in time to 33AD for Christ's dates, is 16,000–20,000

they've recovered 1500 human remains.

did the human remains they've recovered, complete with skeletons and personal artifacts, exist as real people living in Pompeii in 79AD?

are there any contemporary records that prove they existed?

what are their names? what are their occupation? What are some details of their lives?

Jesus mythicists claim the fact there are no contemporary references to Jesus, somehow excluding Apostle Paul who was a contemporary and speaks of Jesus born of a woman, born under the Law, of the seed of David, with a brother named James,

are there any contemporary references to any of these individuals who died in Pompeii August  24 AD 79 ?

can you provide me a contemporary account of who this person is

and if not why not? if you are unable to find such a contemporary account, did this person

actually exist and live in Pompeii up to August  24 AD 79 ?

as far as the gospels as evidence for Jesus,

suppose you want to study ancient Egypt and you find these hieroglyphs

found inside a pyramid or on a tomb

their authorship was unknown, but the scribe who wrote of it starts talking about the events that lead to this persons deeds and life story

should you accept these hieroglyphs as history?

if so, why exclude the gospels and new testament as history?

suppose you are a American archaeologist and you discover these

they are anonymously written, but they talk about the history and events that occurred, perhaps good crops and a battle that occurred.

should you accept these as history?

i think atheists who promote the jesus myth theory are just trolls.

if the lack of contemporary accounts, somehow excluding Paul, prove jesus did not exist,

provide me the contemporary accounts that proves these people


how is it possible that as many as 20, 000 people died in Pompii but there's no contemporary records of their lives ?

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