gangs and why abortion should be free vs church goers

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gangs and why abortion should be free vs church goers

Post by redpill on Wed Jul 04, 2018 4:09 pm

Wed Jul 04, 2018

i click on my news and i learn that this guy

Lesandro 'Junior' Guzman-Feliz Stabbing

LE was able to capture 6 of the 8 killers from a gang

(Clockwise from top left) Manuel Rivera, Danel Fernandez, Joniki Martinez, Santiago Rodriguez, Jose Taverez, Jose Muniz Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office

t’s murderers’ row.

Three of the Trinitarios gangbangers charged in the brutal slaying of innocent Bronx teen Lesandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz now have a 50-cell unit at Rikers all to themselves because they’ve been receiving death threats, according to law enforcement sources Tuesday.

“Everybody wants a piece of them,” a source said.

Another source noted that even “other Trinitarios want to kill them.”

“They got around-the-clock security at their door,’’ the source added. “You can’t get near them.”

The three

so the tax payers of NY, as this murder happened in Bronx, NY, will have to supply legal fees, prison and food for these 6, and police to hunt down 2 more, for a grand total of 8, if not for life, then for a very long time.

but imagine 20 years ago, their mothers had been offered a free abortion, and they agreed to abort.

and this happens over and over again.

streets could be safer.

unlike true liberals though i'm not entirely happy about immigration, what's the point of immigration if it means we are important violent gang members who kill and who are then sent to prison, USA prison?

i understand immigration can also bring in engineers who work for google and facebook.

the other thing though,

while i agree with atheists that god doesnt probably exist,

would you rather be around blacks who are church going or blacks who in a gang?

do you feel safer around blacks who are mormons or blacks who are in in the crypts ?

atheist marshall brain,

would you take your chances

with these guys

or this

when i listen to marshall brain complaining that white christians delusional beliefs in god and jesus destroy society i'm thinking

does this guy watch the news?

atheists like marshall brain say the religion delusion damages society, but one alternative to religion is gangs.

another alternative is drugs

if everyone in a society who would have went to church and become a christian instead becomes involved in violent gangs, packing heat, and selling drugs and prostitutes, is this an improvement?

of course many prolifers are christian and abortion is certainly one way to reduce crime, perhaps more effectively than churches.

the women of ireland had a choice, maintain and uphold catholic church and evangelical church teachings on abortion and gay marriage

or choice  , and they voted for choice on abortion 66%

it'd be interesting to see if the social fabric of ireland breaks down in 50-100 years.

what reduces crime more, a strong society that uses the church to train young men morals, or a free society that lets women have abortion, and by abortion psychopaths are aborted.

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