what the coat hanger means to me of a time long lost

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what the coat hanger means to me of a time long lost Empty what the coat hanger means to me of a time long lost

Post by redpill on Sat Jul 14, 2018 12:53 pm

Sat Jul 14, 2018

with all this recent talk about trump's supreme court nomination Brett Kavanaugh and thus roe v wade and therefore abortion,
even yale law students authors a paper denouncing fellow yale graduate Brett Kavanaugh saying his is a threat to human life (woman's life via abortion)

feminists symbol of abortion backwardsness is the coat hanger

what the coat hanger means to me of a time long lost Coatha10

the coat hanger for the feminist prochoicer represents the evil of the so-called prolife movement. they want women and young girls to be forced into dangerous unsafe back alley abortions.

i've read that the coat hanger is just the right size and diameter it can be forced into a pregnant woman's cervix hole so it can kill the fetus, causing an abortion

this of course is extremely dangerous to the woman, can cause bleeding and infection. blood everywhere.

in protests feminist have recruited young daughters to support abortion via coat hanger though to be fair profilers also do this

what the coat hanger means to me of a time long lost Tx-pro10

this super young girl was lia mills as a young girl age 12 sixth grade protesting abortion

what the coat hanger means to me of a time long lost Hqdefa52

only 12, only in 6th grade and already speaking against abortion, though i remember being in sixth grade and already the girls had strong opinions on abortion, where as i had no idea what abortion was.

i wonder whats it like growing up a girl and being exposed to abortion and having your mother recruit you to support abortion rights at an early age, though to be fair prolifers do this to.

i think i was in sixth grade i first heard about abortion and i was kinda clueless about it. but the young girls already had opinions about it all. i remember a girl shannon talking about how abortion is a womans right to the female teacher and i had no idea what she was talking about.

the girls by sixth grade already seemed knowledgeable about abortion and prolife vs prochoice.

in sixth grade i was thinking about bard's tale on the tandy 1000sx

what the coat hanger means to me of a time long lost Bt-ams10

how to get past a certain stage by casting spells and the lights going out and talking about this with other boys who played bard's tale. at the time i thought this was awesome, but looking at today's ps4 and xbox i feel short changed.

anyhow the coat hanger has a very specific meaning for me as a kid, that is almost impossible for today's kids to imagine

i have a real up close and personal relationship with the coat hanger

in the 70s and 80s my family did have a tv

like this

what the coat hanger means to me of a time long lost E2e30d10

there was no remote. my dad would tell me to turn the channel. that dial was rotated and the channel turned.

our tv had an antenna like what is shown. it didn't work well.

to improve reception we used the coat hanger, several of them, to get better reception, and it sort of worked.

we used the coat hanger for tv reception as an antenna

i don't know if other families or kids used the coat hanger, a metal one for an antenna but i quickly discovered for myself by tinkering it works great

tv back then had a very special kind of antenna connector

what the coat hanger means to me of a time long lost Figure10

the connector looked like this

what the coat hanger means to me of a time long lost Cotran10

and you screw it on with screws on the tv,

what i discovered is instead of using antena you could use a metal coat hanger and then attach additional coat hangers, it worked great i thought

since i'm writing this on a saturday

this time also coincided with the final saga of the saturday morning cartoon,

in that time i watched the


what the coat hanger means to me of a time long lost 250px-11

wonder twins activate. form of cloud. form of monkey.


what the coat hanger means to me of a time long lost Mv5bod10

there's no need to fear, underdog is here

tennessee tuxedo

what the coat hanger means to me of a time long lost Hqdefa50


what the coat hanger means to me of a time long lost Maxres43


what the coat hanger means to me of a time long lost Smurfs10

brainy smurf "papa smurf!" and "naturally"

maya the bee

what the coat hanger means to me of a time long lost Hqdefa51

Thundarr the Barbarian

what the coat hanger means to me of a time long lost Mv5bmj10

this is actually the first time i saw a "laser sword" years and years before i saw a lightsaber on star wars

among others, plus commercials

the only thing the coat hanger meant for me, was to attach it to the tv set, several of them, then rotate them and manipulate them to get a good tv signal. that's it.

saturday morning cartoons are now extinct, and obviously no one uses coat hangers for tv reception, at least not in the modern usa.

it does make me think feminists are kinda stealing childhood innocence when they tell their young daughters about coat hangers and abortion and how the evil prolife movement want to take away a woman's right to choose. how donald trump and justice cavanaugh is a menace to roe v wade. prolife women tell their daughters also about abortion, but sort of the opposite but same. the coat hanger was how abortion was done back in the day and we should never return to that.

cause as a kid i was totally ignorant of all of this, and thought in terms of cartoons.

i wanna fly like underdog. i want that pill that is underdog's ring that gives super powers of super strength, bullet proof and flight. i had other childhood friends in the neighborhood and we talked about which superfriend we wanted to be, we all wanted to be superman, the most powerful.

to watch these shows i needed coat hangers for good tv reception.

tv sets back then were kinda crappy, they had "snowy" reception, bad audio, bad colors, and a dial for turning channels, no cable.

never again with coat hangers means for me using my digital google fiber and viewing these cartoons on youtube

a more innocent time from a more civilized era

a time when there actually were  saturday day morning cartoons on almost every station

i have at times wondered what life was like for the girls, same age and era as me, growing up. did they watch the superfriends and thundarr the barbarian? did they want to hold up a sword and turn into flames? did they watch underdog?

did they use coat hangers as tv antennas?

personally i don't know anything about dolls, barbie dolls, or cabbage patch kids or my little pony. i didn't know anything about abortion either, much less the coat hanger as a tool of back alley abortion when abortion was illegal.

what a lot of these cartoons did show is that the forest has adventures like the smurfs and maya the bee, all kinds of sentient critters live there like alvin and the chipmunks

the one thing i do remember vividly is around 3rd grade, the teacher asked all the girls and only the girls to leave class for special education. no boys. only girls. when the girls returned they were tight lipped. teacher wouldn't tell us boys who remained why only girls were going or what they were being taught, and none of the girls told us either. this happened again in fourth and fifth grade. what were they being told? hmmmm i have a pretty good idea now what they were being told.

only boys were playing dungeons and dragons, there were zero girls interested in D&D. none, zilch nada.

it sounds like some girls of today spend their saturday morning on abortion, under influence by their feminist, or in some cases prolife, mothers. for them the coat hanger is the symbol of the evils of outlawing abortion. trumpe's nominee for supreme court neil gorashch and brett cavenaugh, two white males, are a threat to roe v wade, a threat to abortion, and the specter of back alley abortions via the coat hanger. for me as a kid a specter was a specific undead monster in dungeons and dragons that can do energy drain, which is why its best to either turn with a cleric or run as fast as you can out of there.

for me as a boy, i spent my saturdays watching saturday morning cartoons, singing the underdog song, and using the coat hanger to get a better tv reception, turning the dials and on every station was a cartoon, a different cartoon. cbs nbc upn abc all had cartoons, different cartoons.

even the commercials back then were fun, like the lucky charms commercial.

the way i feel about abortion now, is that the world is filled with serial killers, muggers, drug dealers, evil doers of every stripe and abortion is the outerlimits theresa givens approved way of killing the killers before they can kill so what the hell is wrong with that?

i don't understand? only one of us has to.

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