Mr. Cruel murdered JonBenet Ramsey theory - Australian Justine Damond and Madison Jane Lyden, 23

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Mr. Cruel murdered JonBenet Ramsey theory - Australian Justine Damond and Madison Jane Lyden, 23

Post by redpill on Tue Aug 14, 2018 12:41 pm

Tue Aug 14, 2018

one common objection to my Mr. Cruel murdered JonBenet Ramsey theory

is this

Mr Cruel is from Australia, land of kangaroos
JonBenet Ramsey is of the USA

how can Mr Cruel who is from Australia wind up in Colorado in USA to murder Jonbenet?

earlier I mention Justine Damond

Justine Damond traveled from Australia to Minnesota USA

where she was shot and killed

today Tue Aug 14, 2018

i learned of Madison Jane Lyden, 23

Madison Jane Lyden, 23

An Australian tourist riding a rental bicycle near New York City’s Central Park was fatally struck by a garbage truck whose driver told police he’d drunk two beers prior to the accident  Police say Madison Jane Lyden, 23, veered from the bike lane in which she was traveling after another vehicle pulled into her path and then was hit by the truck driven by 44-year-old Felipe Chairez about 4:45 p.m. Friday  Aug 10, 2018 on Central Park West.

Lyden was taken to a hospital where she later died from her injuries.

The grief-stricken dad of the Australian bicyclist killed by an accused boozed-up driver near Central Park has revealed the heartbreaking last conversation he had with his daughter.

“Our girl was on the trip of a lifetime, and she’d only spoken to me I think the previous day … and said, ‘Dad, can you believe your little girl is in New York City?’ ” teary-eyed dad Andrew Lyden told Tasmania’s Southern Cross News. “For her to be taken from us in such a horrific way is gut-wrenching. Words can’t describe how heartbreaking this is.”

Madison Jane Lyden, 23, was pedaling along Central Park West near West 67th Street around 4:40 p.m. Friday when an Uber strayed into the bike lane, forcing her to swerve out of the way, according to authorities.

Lyden veered into the neighboring lane, where she was run over by a private sanitation truck.

She died at Roosevelt Hospital.

this aussie traveled from Australia to New York where she was hit and killed

kinda remind me of jess son tommy of the triangle, both aussies

so uber driver enters her bicycling lane, she swerves to avoid being hit then is hit by a garbage truck.

note to self, bicycling is highly dangerous. one hit from a car and you're dead. so now they have to fly her lifeless body from new york to australia.

Justine Damond and Madison Jane Lyden, 23

are 2 Aussies who flew from Australia to the USA

both racially white, blonde, and native English speakers.

Aussie Madison Jane Lyden, 23  even told her dad back in Australia, can you believe your daughter is in New York, USA, just the day before she died.

my mr cruel theory is mr cruel flew from australia to colorado where he abducted JonBenet Ramsey from her home.

Justine Damond and Madison Jane Lyden, 23
2 aussies who flew from Australia to USA, where they died

Aussies travel, and the USA is a major tourist destination for Aussies

if you saw this Aussie in the USA

other than her australian accent, would you ever guess she's not from the USA?

Mr Cruel was a white australian male, who like Australian Justine Damond and Madison Jane Lyden, 23 was described by eye witnesses  possibly dark blonde hair and possibly blue eyes

other than his australian accent, would you ever guess he's not from the USA?

thus far at least 2 aussie, Madison Jane Lyden, 23 with stunning blue eyes and blonde hair, came to the USA to die.

i learn that while bicycling, a car can enter your lane so you veer to avoid it, only to be hit by a garbage truck.

getting hit by a car while bicycling can result in lethal injuries.

Madison Jane Lyden, 23

wow! im having deja vu. im thinking

jess was also australian.

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