oldest memories light brights bumble bee doll

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oldest memories light brights bumble bee doll

Post by redpill on Mon Aug 20, 2018 4:14 pm

Mon Aug 20, 2018

one of the oldest memory i have is i actually do remember being in a crib

seeing old photos my parents took of me being a baby in a crib helps but i actually do remember it to.

and i also remember seeing this

1970s version of toys similar to that

i remember a window and sunlight coming through to. and this all happened in a small apartment

the old photos show me with a doll that is a human bumble bee type doll, body of a bumble bee but head that is partially human partially bumble bee. i've not remember it very well but i've looked all over the internet for a match and i found nothing. i guess it was a very limited production in the 1970s my parents were probably only 1 of a handful of families that got it for me, as i got older we moved and my dad threw it all away, but its still in my earliest childhood photos.

its kinda like bigfoot, there's this bee-human doll from the 1970s thats in many of my earliest childhood photos but i have no idea what its called or how to find it on the internet. i tried multiple search terms and nothing.

i kinda wanna buy one out of nostalgia though obviously any surviving examples would be 40+ years old and probably gross and dirty and moldy. i wanna be united to the doll i had when i was 1 year old.

one of the oldest commercial i remember watching is the green giant commercial on tv

i actually was scared and frighten by seeing this giant this huge thing and green colored and i remember crying when i saw it, because it was not "normal" i thought it was terrifying

one of the earliest toys i played with was Lite-Brite

i suspect my long standing fascination with glow in the dark which probably lead to my current interest in star wars lightsabers stem from playing with this toy

i was amazed to insert those pegs and watch them glow and emit light

in highsight those pegs could be a chocking hazard but i didn't swallow them.

time's a weird thing i wish i could somehow comprehend. at one time the present was me at age 2 inserting plastic pegs into a lite-brite toy and watching the color and doing this in the dark and it was the only source of light

and now, 4 decades later. Mon Aug 20, 2018 i'm typing this on an lcd screen

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