Yoda and the Jedi philosophy and the Light side of the Force is prolife on abortion

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Yoda and the Jedi philosophy and the Light side of the Force is prolife on abortion

Post by redpill on Sun May 27, 2018 10:54 pm

there's a flury of news articles on Ireland's recent decision to legalize abortion in Catholic Ireland

of note is its impact on catholicism

Ireland Votes to End Abortion Ban, in Rebuke to Catholic Conservatism
New York Times · 1 day ago

Irish archbishops say abortion vote shows church's waning influence
The Guardian · 15 hours ago

Irish Catholics worry abortion vote signals weakening influence of ...
Globalnews.ca-12 hours ago

Abortion vote shows Catholic Church is losing influence in Ireland ...
International-Independent.ie-10 hours ago

Church leaders dismayed at vote to lift restrictions on abortion
International-Irish Times-8 hours ago

historically Ireland was a Catholic stronghold. The Irish saw the Church as a moral authority. Under the influence of Catholicism a variety of laws from banning abortion and birth control, to banning divorce and homosexual marriage was accepted by the Irish laity.

Even today polls say 78% of Irish identify as Catholic, though 66% are pro choice on abortion, and reject Catholic church teachings on abortion (and homosexuality)

as i read and digest all these news, and gone to a catholic school myself

I'm also a star wars fan and I ask myself,

what would YODA and Jedi and Jedi philosophy be on abortion

Would Jedi be prolife or prochoice?

Jedi make the Light Side of the Force their central object of worship and focus
they want to diminish the Dark Side of the Force

does prochoice and abortion and the killing of fetus contribute to the Light side of the Force, in the name of a woman's bodily autonomy and choice, or the Dark Side of Force?

one way to approach it is

what would the Sith do, and how does abortion contribute to the power of the Dark Side

the Sith draw on the Dark Side of the Force,

well the dark side of the Force dwells on anger, hate, selfishness greed, a total lack of respect for life, quest for power

Sith have no issues with killing other sentients, killing Jedi, killing even other Sith.

Sith have no issues with killing adults and children, so obviously sith would have no issue with a woman killing a fetus she is gestating.

A Sith would have no issue with killing a pregnant woman if it furthers the goal of power for that Sith.

So how can a Jedi counteract the Sith and the power of the Dark Side?

I think the Jedi have 2 issues to face,

respect for a woman's autonomy and choice

respect for the life of the fetus

Anakin in ROTS told Palpatine the Jedi central concerns include, Jedi only thinks about others, even if it puts their own life in danger, even if they have to sacrifice their own life to save others.

Yoda told Luke in ESB that killing is almost always wrong, except in self defense.

that any kind of malice of hate is a path that leads to the dark side.

that acting out of selfishness and greed leads to the dark side.

that the light side of the Force affirms all life as sacred and to protected.

Jedi are to be selfless.

Like Jesus (supposedly)

life itself is what makes the light side of the Force grow, and death diminishes the light side and empowers the dark side.

and that as Obi Wan tod Han Solo in ANH, Han Solo said "i call it luck" and Obi Wan replied "in my experience there is no such thing as luck"

what happens in the star wars universe is the will of the force, and the jedi try to bring harmony and balance to the force.

so if a woman finds herself pregnant, she is pregnant as the will of the force.

the jedi see themselves as vessels of the Living Force

based on this the Jedi would see a fetus, as an unborn living sentient, created in the Force, and that yes, abortion is a violation of the Light Side of the Force.

taken these together, a woman taking the life of her unborn fetus in her uterus does more damage to the light side of the force, than granting a woman a right to choose.

a woman is pregnant as the will of the Force. the jedi ideal is to be selfless, to sacrifice one's own life for the good of another, in this case pregnant woman sacrificing her life and body in service of another, the fetus

life, including fetal life, makes the force grow.

death makes the dark side of the force grow, which is why not only do sith are okay with fetalicide but genoicde of all stripes.

the difference between prolife christians and jedi, is that in the star wars universe there's no ambiguity that the Force is real and that the light side of the Force is real. there's no scientific evidence for the claims of the bible and for god and jesus, despite what lee strobel says in case for the creator.

if prolife christians could perform genuine healing miracles that work 100% of the time, and these miracles are restricted only to prolife christians, that would carry a lot of weight in their line of reasoning

yoda and jedi are pure fiction, but i think this as an exercise in platonic understanding of the good

in my view in the universe we actually live in, there's no god , just matter in motion, so granting a woman complete autonomy in her decision to have an abortion makes the world a better place.

in a universe, either a prolife christian one, or a jedi one, or even a platonic universe, where there is a god or Force or platonic form of goodness that upholds a platonic notion of goodness that requires self-sacrifice, and valuation of life, even fetal life, forcing women to carry a pregnancy to term against her will, is a lesser evil than killing a fetus.

in such a universe, a woman who wants to kill the fetus her fetus is not acting in according to the Light Side of the Force. she is acting in accordance to the Dark Side. therefore jedi cannot support a woman's right to choose. every time a fetus is killed, the dark side of the force increases in power, and therefore increases the power of the Sith and its influence of the force over the Jedi.

Yoda and the Jedi philosophy and the Light side of the Force is prolife on abortion

a woman motivated solely by the light side of the force would put the life of the fetus above her own life, even if the pregnancy ends up killing her, as no greater love is the love of willingness to lay down one's life for another, in this case a pregnant woman for her fetus.

pro choice is of the sith, and of the dark side of the force, which is grounded in selfishness. a selfishness that allows women to kill their own fetus if it furthers their interests. sith have no objection of killing anyone, even fellow sith, if it furthers their ambition.

i'm a grey jedi myself Wink

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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